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Policy Papers - Congress of Salvation

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Needed: A Congress of National Salvation
Professor Paul Eidelberg

The Congress will address the urgent need of Jewish unity and national security, and will do so by means of clearly defined, goal-directed Jewish leadership.

A. General Aims of the Congress

1. To establish a union of non-parliamentary groups not affiliated with any Knesset party.

2. To support and coordinate the activities of these groups in such a way as to enable each to pursue its own distinctive function more effectively and yet magnify their collective influence on Jewish affairs in Israel and in the Diaspora.

3. To provide the people of Israel with an alternative to Oslo, one that reasserts Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

4. To inform the people of Israel of the undemocratic, unJewish, and corrupt nature of Israel’s political system.

5. To formulate an alternative system of government, one whose paramount principle is the Jewish essence of the State, to which all other principles are subordinate.

B. The Structure: The Congress will

1. Establish a national headquarters in Jerusalem to facilitate uninterrupted cooperation between non-parliamentary organizations as well as contact with VIPs abroad.

2. Appoint an executive committee to oversee operations.

3. Recruit experts in various public sectors and formulate a comprehensive national program amenable to religious and nationalist oriented Jews. (Must also recruit individuals who are qualified to represent Israel’s causes and concerns to the international community.)

4. Establish a first-rate funding network that will allow each organization to function within the framework of the Movement, share its resources, minimize unnecessary duplication, and present to the world at large the voice of a United Israel.

5. Establish branches around the country and abroad, especially near universities.

6. Form a lecture bureau consisting of academics and rabbis. (Urgently needed is bold Jewish education, using Jewish concepts to analyze the various ideas and political forces that fragment the Jewish People and endanger Israel’s well-being).

7. Ensure the Jewish People everywhere access to information regarding Israel’s security and well-being by supporting a politically independent media network analogous to Voice of America or Radio Free Europe.

8. Form action teams with specific objectives such as public relations, civil defense, exposure of governmental ineptitude. Also: fearless investigation and publication of names and activities of all enemies of the Jewish People—their resources, agents, networks, and affiliates regardless of their race, national origin, positions of power, and social or economic connections.

9. Form several standing committees that parallel major government ministries. (The Congress should see itself as an incipient “shadow government.”)

10. Develop high caliber Jewish leadership, and assist individuals to positions of leadership that will inspire the Jewish People.

(Note: A major Press Conference will be held when matters are sufficiently crystallized.)

C. Resolutions: The Congress

1. Opposes any negotiations with Yasir Arafat and his PLO-Palestinian terrorists.

2. Demands that the Government assert Israel’s sovereignty over the Temple Mount, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

3. Demands that the Government (a) use all the force necessary to suppress Arab violence against Jews; (b) disarm Yasir Arafat’s army; (c) terminate all payments to the Palestinian Authority; (d) close down all Arab media that incite Arabs to hate and kill Jews; (e) close down all Arab colleges and universities that advocate insurrection against the Jewish state.

4. Calls upon Jews at home and abroad to help (a) the Jewish residents of Yesha to defend themselves, and (b) establish a civilian defense force.

5. In pursuance of the 1952 Citizenship Law, urges the Minister of Interior to revoke the citizenship of all Arabs who have committed acts of violence against the Jewish state.

6. Demands that Arab Knesset members who have committed acts of sedition or incitement be indicted, expelled from the Knesset, and deported.

7. Demands enforcement of Basic Law: The Knesset that bars any party that negates the Jewish character of the State.

8. Calls on the Government to (a) pass a Homestead Act to facilitate Jewish settlement of Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan Heights; (b) invite foreign capital to build model cities in these areas; (c) move certain ministries to eastern Jerusalem.

9. Advocates an economy based partly on Employee Stock Ownership Plans to avoid the greed of capitalism and the egalitarian envy of socialism.

10. Advocates a Legislature whose members are individually accountable to the voters in regional elections. “Personalized Proportional Representation PR)” for at least 60% of the Legislature is a possible option. If PR is adopted:

11. Advocates a 5% electoral threshold to prevent an excessive number of parties in the Legislature, which militates against national unity as well as wise deliberation.

12. Advocates a Presidential system of government to replace the present system of multi-party cabinet government, which is incapable of pursuing coherent and resolute national policies.

13. Insists that the office of the President be limited to Jews.

14. Advocates nomination of Supreme Court judges by the President (with the advice of an academic and rabbinical counsel), subject to confirmation by the Legislature.

15. Insists that the Supreme Court adhere to the Foundations of Law Act 1980, such that Jewish law will be “first among equals” vis-a-vis other legal systems used by the court.

16. Advocates a law that would enable a private citizen who suffers injury from the act of any public official to sue the official for compensatory and punitive damages.

17. Insists that the IDF be depoliticized by legislation prohibiting high-ranking officers from participating in any kind of political activity for five years after their discharge.

18. Demands that the Soldiers Code of Ethics be revised to emphasize “Judaism,” “Zionism,” and “Eretz Israel.”

19. Urges amendment of the “grandfather clause” of the Law of Return, which has enabled hundreds of thousands of gentiles to enter Israel.

20. Advocates enfranchisement of Israelis abroad to increase the power of the Jewish vote and preserve the Jewish essence of the State.