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The Likud: A Profile in Betrayal

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By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

The Likud has been consistent in one thing only: in the betrayal of its
vaunted nationalist principles. Thus Begin, who yielded the Sinai and
evacuated Yamit. Thus Shamir, whose “peace plan” led to the recognition of
the PLO at Madrid. Thus Netanyahu, who withdrew from Hebron and prepared
the ground for a Palestinian state at Wye. Thus Sharon, whose government of
national unity will complete the Likud’s betrayal of its erstwhile
nationalist principles.

The Likud has never possessed the confidence to rule. Hence it has become
the right wing of the Labor Party and its collaborator in the Oslo death
process. Of course, having now only 19 Knesset seats, Likud chairman Ariel
Sharon is hardly in a ruling position. But even if is party party had 32
seats (as it did in 1996 with Tsomet and Gesher), Israel’s inept system of
multi-party cabinet government militates against any coherent and resolute
nationalist policy. (more…)

A Partial Diagnosis

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By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Leaving metaphysical causes aside, among the factors leading Israel to the
abyss, the two most basic and seemingly contradictory ones are (1) the
democratic (or “demophrenic”) mentality of its political (and intellectual)
elites, and (2) the undemocratic nature of its political institutions.

The democratic mind is prone to indiscriminate egalitarianism or moral
equivalence. This is why loyal and disloyal citizens of Israel enjoy
political equality. This equality enabled the Labor Party to form, with the
support of five Arab Knesset Members, a government in 1992, and,
subsequently, to foist the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement on the Jewish
people. (more…)

On Rabbis and Self-Restraint

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By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

When Jews are murdered by Arab terrorists, as more than 500 have since the
1993 Oslo betrayal of Judaism, it is improper for rabbis, whether elected or
not, to repeatedly call upon Jews to exercise self-restraint after a
terrorist attack. Such rabbis unwittingly incite Arabs to murder more Jews.

When Arabs violate the Seven Noahide Laws by murdering Jews, such murders
constitute a Hillul HaShem - a desecration of God’s Name. (more…)

Israel’s High Court of Injustice

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by Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Those who criticize the Supreme Court for upholding the conviction of
Margalit Har-Shefi would do well if they would also emphasize that this is
the only court in the world that not only scorns the heritage of its own
people, but is also a self-perpetuating oligarchy. The critics should
advocate a democratic mode of appointing Supreme Court judges.

The Yamin Israel Party supports a proposal of the Foundation for Constitutional
Democracy, namely, that the President (with the advice of a nine-member
board consisting of three professors of law–who should be knowledgeable of
Jewish civil and criminal law–three rabbis, and three representatives of
the Israel Bar Association) nominate the judges, who should then be subject
to parliamentary confirmation.

Israel’s Ungodly Quest for Peace

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By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

(The following passages are abstracted from an essay in process.)

In his commentary on parashat Pinchas (Numbers 25:12), the illustrious Torah
philosopher Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch’s defines peace as “a state of the
most complete harmony,” and not only between man and man, but between man
and God. God’s covenant of Peace or “Brit Shalom” with Pinchas represents
God’s promise that peace will ultimately reign over the whole world. (more…)

The So-Called State of Israel

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Fools aside, everyone knows that Israel is at war with Arafat’s army of Arab
Palestinian terrorists. Almost every day Jews are killed or wounded by Arab
gunfire. Arabs traverse the roads shooting at, or mowing down, Jews.
Mothers send their children to school fearful the kids may not arrive or
return safe and sound. To this add the fear that Israel may again become
the target of Iraqi missiles.

Nevertheless, Israel’s political elites jockey for place, perks, and power.
Especially irresponsible and shameless are the left-wing parties, Labor and
Meretz, but paltriness also permeates other parties lusting for the control
of various ministries, the instruments by which these parties divide the
public treasury. (more…)