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A Partial Diagnosis

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By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Leaving metaphysical causes aside, among the factors leading Israel to the
abyss, the two most basic and seemingly contradictory ones are (1) the
democratic (or “demophrenic”) mentality of its political (and intellectual)
elites, and (2) the undemocratic nature of its political institutions.

The democratic mind is prone to indiscriminate egalitarianism or moral
equivalence. This is why loyal and disloyal citizens of Israel enjoy
political equality. This equality enabled the Labor Party to form, with the
support of five Arab Knesset Members, a government in 1992, and,
subsequently, to foist the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement on the Jewish

The same democratic mentality prompts Israel’s leaders to “negotiate” with
Arab despots, hence to lower themselves to the level of Yasser Arafat.
Moral equivalence undermines self-hood or self-respect and renders its
victims irrational. The observable consequences: the government’s
surrender of strategic territory and water resources as well as its arming
and paying Arab terrorists.

Since democracy is the religion of our times, it will require a generation
or a major war to cure Israel of this malady. (The malady is discussed at

Regarding the second factor: Israel’s political institutions are dominated
by democratic (or demophrenic) personalities. The key institution is the
Knesset, whose members are not accountable to the people in district or
regional elections (contrary to the practice of 74 democratic countries).
Since the Cabinet is composed of Knesset Members, the Government can ignore
public opinion with impunity. (I enlarge upon this subject in my book

To remedy this undemocratic state of affairs, it will be necessary - I do
not say sufficient - to institute some form of multi-district elections.
Since the parties in the Knesset have a vested interest in preserving the
institutional status quo, reform will have to be initiated by
extra-parliamentary groups whose mentality is far more Jewish than
democratic. But these groups will have to be sensible and humble enough to
consolidate and form a new political party wholly committed to radical
reform of Israel’s political (and judicial) institutions.

Meanwhile, Israel’s political elites, animated by their
democratic-cum-egalitarian mentality, will continue to consort with Israel’s
enemies, whose ultimate object is to reduce Jews to excrement. This is what
the “peace process” is all about.