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Israel’s Dire Water Problem

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By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

It was known fifty and more years ago that Israel had a serious water
problem. Why have various Israeli governments failed to deal with this

Some will say that Israel has been so distracted by wars and countless
terrorist attacks that its various governments have been preoccupied with
security issues. Others may say that politicians, like people in general,
are not inclined to address themselves to long-range problems. They are
preoccupied with immediate concerns. Only when things hurt do they react. (more…)


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By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

A great deal of demagogic nonsense has been uttered by Israeli politicians
about “theocracy,” the alleged objective of Torah-oriented Jews. One
inexcusable demagogue is Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg-inexcusable because he
is supposed to be a religious Jew and should know better. (more…)