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Being Silent About Evil

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The suddenness with which the Soviet Empire disintegrated came as a complete surprise to sovietologists. With 20-20 hindsight, many attributed the Soviet collapse to its impossible economy: a whopping $400 billion were spent on (unproductive) military hardware in the 1980s. That decade witnessed the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Some say that by trying to compete with the Reagan defense budget—remember Star Wars?—the Kremlin ran the Soviet Union into bankruptcy.

Others emphasize the Soviet’s long drawn out war in Afghanistan, which undermined the Russian economy as well as Russian morale. Mention should also be made of glasnost as having hastened the disintegration of the Communist superpower.

All these explanations are plausible, but allow me to offer an entirely different one—one relevant to the Arab-Jewish conflict. (more…)

Blunder Or Betrayal?

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Peace for us means the destruction of Israel and nothing else.”
Yasser Arafat

Shimon Peres has not been held accountable for the Oslo War now shattering life and limb in Israel. He has not been held morally responsible the more than 1,000 Jewish men, women, and children that have been murdered by Arab terrorists during this war. He roams around Israel without fear of ever being indicted for endangering his country and betraying the Jewish people. Indeed, so corrupt is Israel’s political system that Peres can’t even be voted out of office for having perpetrated “the greatest diplomatic blunder in history”—the words of Charles Krauthammer.

But was Oslo merely a “blunder”? Oslo represents the policy of “territory for peace,”whose end is a Palestinian state on Jewish soil. This policy is based on the belief that the conflict between Israel and the Arab Palestinians is a territorial one rather than a religious or cultural one. Is this Peres’ blunder? (more…)