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Behind The Sharon “Peace” Plan

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This is going to be a short article, folks, if only because there’s nothing behind the “peace” plan that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon presented at the recent Herzliya Conference—nothing besides intellectual flapdoodle and moral cowardice.

Let us be honest, and let us not mince words—especially now when the lives of countless Jews are at stake, and not only in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Like more than one of his predecessors, the Prime Minister of Israel is a cross between a cretin and a craven. Do you want a more polite or sophisticated explanation of what makes Ariel Sharon tick? Sorry, there ain’t none. And please: enough of that shibboleth “American pressure”: no loan guarantees, economic sanctions, and not a nut or bolt in the U.S. military supply line. That’s just the point: Succumbing to American pressure is precisely what makes Sharon a Lilliputian. (more…)