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Judicial Despotism In Israel Continued

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1. The method of appointing Israel’s Supreme Court justices is the most undemocratic in the free world. Only Israel allows almost no role for elected officials in the selection process. Three members of the nine-member selection committee are sitting members of the High Court, including the Court’s president; two are representatives of the Israel Bar Association; and four are members of the two leading parties, including the justice minister and a member of the Knesset Law Committee. The committee’s majority, therefore, is unelected. Moreover, the two members of the Bar are subject to various forms of pressure by the president of the Court before whom they may frequently appear. For similar reasons, the justice minister can also be manipulated by the Court’s president. And since the Court’s president handpicks the judges for every case, he can very much determine the selection of his own successor as well as the Court’s character as a whole. In short, Israel’s High Court of Justice is a self-perpetuating oligarchy. (more…)