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Israel’s Problem, and Getting Back to a National Camp

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Israel’s Problem, and Getting Back to a National Camp


1. In 1992, two Arab parties with five Knesset seats made the Rabin Government and Oslo possible. Seven years later three Arab parties had 10 Knesset seats. In two decades, the democratic principle of one adult/one vote will transform Israel into an Islamic dictatorship. Long before that, however, Israel will succumb to a Lebanese-type civil war. Yet no party in the Knesset has the courage to address this ominous state of affairs.

2. An Islamic Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria dooms Israel. Consider the enormous quantity and types of weapons the Palestinian Authority accumulated! There will be no way of limiting the number and type of weapons acquired and developed by a sovereign Arab Palestinian state on Israel’s doorstep. Such a state will prevent Israel from defending itself against a concerted Arab attack on three fronts. Yet no party in the Knesset has the courage to address this horrific “Palestinian” problem.

3. The underlying cause of this problem is another democratic principle: self-determination of the so-called Palestinian people. Strange that a democratic principle should justify the creation of what will only be another anti-democratic Arab state! To this absurdity add the fact that the mindless application of the democratic principle of self-determination to the “Palestinian” Arabs will endanger the existence of the only reputed democracy in the Middle East, Israel. Yet no party in the Knesset has the courage to face this deadly democratic dogma.

4. The fault ultimately lies with the nationalist-religious camp: it’s failure to develop an uncompromising Zionist or Jewish strategy regarding Judea and Samaria. This is why the world calls Judea and Samaria the “West Bank”! This is why the world calls Judea and Samaria “occupied territory”! This is why our survival is threatened by the “self-determination” of the fictitious Palestinian people—a people created by Israel’s shallow and short-sighted ruling elites. They were once proud Zionists; now they derive their respectability as “democrats.” Indeed, Democracy replaced Zionism as the sole basis of Israel’s justification and legitimacy.

5. It is because the nationalist-religious camp compromised Israel’s God-given right to Judea and Samaria that the Palestinian Arabs feel all the more justified in fighting for every inch of Eretz Yisrael. It is because the nationalist-religious camp lacked unwavering confidence in the justice of Israel’s holy cause that Arabs have become so fanatical that they kill themselves along with Jews on behalf of Islam’s unholy cause. Israeli governments, whether led by Labor or the Likud, created the Arab suicide bombers, but only because these governments, which included the religious parties, compromised by offering part of the Jewish homeland and heritage for the potage of “peace.”

6. You cannot compromise with uncompromising enemies. You cannot make peace with people that exalt suicide bombers. You cannot persevere in a protracted war when your enemies believe in Allah while you believe only in “democracy.” If you do not believe in your God-given right to Judea and Samaria, you will forfeit your right to all of Eretz Yisrael or lack the stamina to fight for and retain the Jewish people’s one and only homeland. This is not just a war against Arafat and his Palestinian Authority. Israel is engaged, even more than America, in a “clash of civilizations.” You cannot compromise with a civilization. You must stand firmly confident in the justice of the Jewish cause, the cause that made Western civilization and even Western democracy possible.

7. The above points indicate that ISRAEL HAS LACKED A COHERENT AND COMPREHENSIVE PUBLIC PHILOSOPHY ON THE ONE HAND, AND A CLEAR SENSE OF JEWISH NATIONAL PURPOSE ON THE OTHER. Also lacking, however, and a basic cause of Israel’s malaise, is a rational system of government. To persevere in this implacable conflict, Israel must have a much more efficient and more professional form of government. Multi-party cabinet government means inept and amateurish, government, one that limps along from crisis to crisis, or from compromise to compromise. Even if headed by a Solomon, multi-party cabinet government cannot pursue a consistent, coherent, and resolute Jewish national strategy. Such a government fosters corruption, divides and demoralizes our people, and arouses the contempt of friends and foes alike. Hence we need a Presidential type of government where the cabinet does not consist of a multiplicity of parties each with its own agenda. In other words, we need UNITY in the Executive branch of government. Unity is essential to energy, decisiveness, and consistency and clarity in the pursuit of Jewish national purpose. Unity in the Executive is also essential to ACCOUNTABILITY.

8. Diversity belongs in the Legislature. But the members of the Legislature must be INDIVIDUALLY elected and accountable to the voters. This means we must eliminate fixed party lists and establish regional elections. Fixed party lists enables party leaders in the cabinet—the Executive branch—to dominate the Legislature and to ignore Jewish public opinion BETWEEN elections. You cannot be a true Jewish nationalist if you tolerate a political system that enables nationally elected officials to compromise the PERMANENT interests and territorial assets of the Jewish people. Hence Israel needs a political system that broadens the political horizons of legislators by inducing them to represent diverse groups and opinions, which can only be accomplished by regional elections—the practice of every democracy. Regional elections will increase the power of Jewish voters, decrease the power of parties, make the Legislature more independent of the Executive, and thereby establish, for the first time in Israel’s history, a system of checks and balances essential to good government.

9. However, you cannot have a Jewish democracy so long as the Supreme Court not only determines its own membership, but also champions the indiscriminate equality and normless freedom of secular democracy at the expense of Jewish principles and values. Therefore, judges should be nominated by the President and confirmed by the democratically elected Legislature, and they should not have the power to nullify laws enacted by the representatives of the people.

10. To promote a public philosophy and national unity, as well as balanced government and the rule of law, a concise constitution is essential, one clearly and proudly based on Jewish principles and values.


1. Israel is the State of the Jewish People.

2. Israel’s raison d’etre as a Jewish state logically precludes the political equality of non-Jewish inhabitants of the state (since that egalitarian principle can lead to a non-Jewish majority which can terminate Israel’s existence as Jewish state and even as a so-called democratic state).

3. The Land of Israel belongs by Divine covenant to All the Jewish people and is not negotiable.

4. All non-Jewish inhabitants of Israel who recognize Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel will enjoy all the personal, civil, and religious rights of Jews.*

*Note: Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin declared on May 6, 1976: “The majority of the people living in a Jewish State must be Jewish. We must prevent a situation of an INSUFFICIENT Jewish majority and we dare not have a Jewish minority….There is room for a non-Jewish minority ON CONDITION THAT IT ACCEPT THE DESTINY OF THE STATE VIS-A-VIS THE JEWISH PEOPLE, CULTURE, TRADITION, AND BELIEF. The minority is entitled to equal rights as individuals with respect to their distinct religion and culture, BUT NOT MORE THAN THAT.”

5. Members of the Legislature must be INDIVIDUALLY accountable to those who elect them.

6. Israel requires a constitution that firmly establishes the foregoing axiomatic principles.

7. Israel must set an example to mankind of a nation wherein freedom dwells with righteousness, equality with excellence, wealth with beauty, the here and now with love of the Eternal.