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Democracy and Moral Equivalence

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One adult/one vote is of course a democratic principle. Shocking as it may seem, this principle implies that contradictory opinions are politically equal—in principle! The consequences are enormous.

Because democracy is very much based on the rule of quantified opinion, it is not necessary to examine an opinion’s validity but only the number of those who express that opinion. Nor is it necessary to examine whether an individual’s opinion is the result of reflection or of impulse, an abiding conviction or a passing fancy. Thus, (more…)


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Prof. Paul Eidelberg

This article could have been titled “Why Democracy, American Style, is a Non-Starter in the Middle East,” or, alternatively, “Why Democracy, American Style, Dooms Israel.”

It has long been the fashion of certain people to identify Judaism with one or another system of life in vogue at the time. Today even rabbis, as swell as intellectuals and of course politicians and Supreme Court judges, say Judaism is democratic. And whereas some emphasize the consistency between Judaism and capitalism, others identify Judaism with socialism.

These people, in their misinformed or misguided zeal (more…)


Newsletter #1 - Courage

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On 5 December 2003, in apparent response to the twin homicide bombing that occurred in Tel Aviv, Israel Air-Force combat helicopters attacked a weapons-producing workshop in the neighborhood of Eskola in Gaza City. A wide variety of weapons were produced in the workshop, especially mortar bombs. The workshop was used mostly by terrorists.

I ask: Why these half-hearted, diminutive measures? How many weapons have the terrorists been able to accumulate because of the Government’s grotesque policy of self-restraint? (more…)