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To Religious Cassandras

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I’m dismayed by the wailings of religious Cassandras. Any sensitive person will deplore if not cry over the tragedy that has befallen the Jews of Gush Katif. Indeed, I for one regard Sharon’s expulsion of these Jews from their homes as the greatest desecration of the God of Israel—a desecration broadcast throughout the world.

But if one believes that the God of Israel is the God of justice, and that any evil Israel suffers is the result of its own misdeeds—and not just those of Sharon—then the Jews of Israel must engage in self-examination, as one does on Yom Kippur.

If Gush Katif is to be something more than a tragedy, then Jews must understand the basic causes of this tragedy. In addition to understanding their own failings, they must intelligently identify the office holders and political parties as well as the institutions most responsible for this tragedy, for the fault begins at the Top.

Some years ago I wrote an article, “Must the State of Israel Perish for Israel to Live?” I believe that the State of Israel is in process of disintegration, and that Sharon has been given to us to hasten its end. No other prime minister has so clearly revealed that Israel is not a Jewish state, that Israel, most emphatically, is not a democratic state, indeed, that Israel’s political and judicial institutions are so flawed and its borders are so fluid that one may even wonder whether Israel has the attributes of statehood!

This suggests that the so-called State of Israel must be totally reconstructed—from top to bottom, including its universities and Jewish academies. They are ALL defective, else Israel would not have the likes of Sharon and Peres as its leaders, it would not have its anti-Jewish print and electronic media—and it would not have soldiers and officers who march to the tune of a dictator.

And so, the tragedy of Gush Katif, if properly understood, points the way toward Israel’s redemption.

Let us not despair. To the contrary, the destruction of Gush Katif—and I do not minimize the personal suffering of its victims—can be redeemed and celebrated if it teaches us what must now be done to save Israel and to sanctify God’s Name.

(To be continued in my report on Arutz-7 at 7:00 a.m, August 22. [Israel time, or online afterward].)