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The Merger of Yamin Israel and the Jewish National Front

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Press Release

The Merger of Yamin Israel and the Jewish National Front

The Yamin Israel Party, under the present leadership of Prof. Paul Eidelberg, Eleonora Shifrin and Prof. Israel Hanukoglu, is happy to announce its merger with the Jewish National Alliance (Hazit) under the chairmanship of Baruch Merzel.

Prof. Hanukoglu, a former chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel, and a former science adviser to prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will head Hazit’s election campaign. Prof. Paul Eidelberg, Eleonora Shifrin and Yamin Israel board member Yakov Segal will join the leadership of Hazit.

We are especially pleased that Hazit has enthusiastically adopted Yamin Israel’s comprehensive program of institutional reform. Together we offer an alternative to Israel’s existing system of government, whose political and judicial institutions violate basic democratic as well as Jewish principles.

The purpose of our merger is to serve as a foundation for a broad coalition of Jewish nationalist groups that will offer—for the first time—a real representation to the nationalist camp in the Knesset.

Together we are committed to an uncompromising position regarding Am-Yisrael, Torah-Yisrael, and Eretz-Yisrael.

Respectful of our heritage, we shall fight to transform Israel’s unJewish and unrepresentative system of government whose policies are leading to Israel’s demise as a Jewish state.

We call upon all extra-parliamentary Jewish groups to support Hazit, the one and only Jewish National Alliance.

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