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The Phased Strategy to Destroy Israel

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The day before Prime Minister Menachem Begin went to the Camp David Summit of September 1978, the present writer met and warned him that Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was pursuing a phased strategy to destroy Israel. Sadat put it this way in an interview with al-Anwar on June 22, 1975: “The effort of our generation is to return to the 1967 borders. Afterward the next generation will carry the responsibility.”

The PLO, Egypt’s creation, has been pursuing this phased strategy. Israel’s government knows this. It knows that:

1. Yasser Arafat’s top deputy, Abu Iyad (assassinated in Tunis) declared: “Setting up a Palestinian state on a portion of the soil of Palestine is a phase towards the final objective—to establish a state in all of Palestine” (December 18, 1988, Al-Siyassa, Kuwait daily).

2. Arafat himself admitted: “The Palestinians are not fighting merely for the sake of fighting, but for a political objective, namely, the liberation of the Palestinian soil and the establishment of a Palestinian state over every part of it from Israel will be removed” (March 6, 1989, Qatar News Agency).

3. PLO “foreign minister” Farouk Kadoumi stated unequivocally: “The recovery of but part of our soil will not cause us to forsake our Palestinian land… We will build our tent in those places which our bullets can reach… This tent will then form the base from which we will later pursue the next phase” (April 5, 1989, BBC Arabic service).

Nevertheless, the Rabin government concluded the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement of 1993. Arafat, then in Tunis, was resurrected and brought to Gaza in 1994. There he set up his first “tent.” Egypt armed its client with arms smuggled via tunnels—a clear violation not only of the Oslo agreement, but of the 1979 Israel-Egyptian peace” treaty. Nevertheless, the Rabin government and all succeeding Israeli governments refrained from abrogating Oslo.

The government did nothing when, in 1998, Fatah, the PLO’s ruling faction, published a new constitution which called for “The complete liberation of Palestine and the economic, political, military and cultural elimination of Zionism.” The constitution stated that “A revolutionary military struggle is the sole method of liberating Palestine… The struggle will not be complete until the Zionist state is destroyed …” Nevertheless, in 2002 the Sharon government defeated a bill to abrogate Oslo.

Now let me repeat Farouk Kadoumi’s statement: “We will build our tent in those places which our bullets can reach… This tent will then form the base from which we will later pursue the next phase.”

Phase I, Gaza. By implementing Labor’s “Disengagement Plan,” the Sharon government ensured Fatah and Hamas’ complete control of Gaza. The Knesset was warned. Testifying before the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on January 5, 2005, then Shin Bet Director Avi Dichter described some threats inherent in carrying out Sharon’s plan to pull the IDF out of Gaza.

“In a situation where Israel is not in control of the Philadelphi corridor [which separates Gaza from the Sinai Peninsula],” Dichter cautioned that “terrorists arriving from Lebanon are liable to infiltrate through it into the Gaza Strip and there is the distinct possibility that in a short while the Gaza Strip will turn into south Lebanon [brimming with countless missiles]” Dichter warned that the current “trickle” of arms smuggling through the corridor is liable to turn into a “river.” (The Knesset nonetheless enacted the “Evacuation Law”—yes, and Dichter joined Sharon’s Kadima party!)

Weapons are now pouring into Gaza and are being transshipped into Judea and Samaria—Phase II. Farouk’s “tents” are now surrounding Israel. But now Hamas, whose genocidal intentions are only more obvious than those of Fatah, has gained ascendancy over the PLO. Missiles, more deadly and more accurate, are being accumulated by Israel’s genocidal enemies. These missiles make nonsense of Sharon’s “security fence.”

Now every city in Israel will come under the range of these missiles. Soon, if not now, the Islamists of Hamas will have one or another weapon of mass destruction. Soon, if not now, they will be able to implement Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s threat to “wipe Israel off the map.”


Despite this threat, Israel has become increasingly polarized as a result of the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif. It has already become obvious that Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is bent on out-doing Sharon. He has initiated a policy of zero-tolerance for Jews protesting further expulsions.

His policy of zero-tolerance toward Jewish protesters stands in harsh contrast to the government’s long-standing policy of self-restraint toward Arab terrorists. It was as if Israel’s government hated or feared Jewish patriots more than Arab Jew-killers.

According to this government, the tens of thousands of illegally built Arab homes in Israel do not threaten the “rule of law,” whereas the return of Jews with beards to Jewish property in Hebron—property the Arabs robbed from them after the 1929 pogrom—“threatens the very foundations of the state.”

This government hates religious Jews and fears their eventual ascendancy. This is why it sent a 1,500-man military force to expel eleven Jewish families from their homes—to which they have legal title—in Hebron’s Shalhevet neighborhood. This is why Chief Moshe Karadi refused to rule out live fire during the eviction of these Jews.

The government’s goal is to emasculate religious Jews throughout Israel. This is what animates its policy of zero-tolerance for Jews protesting expulsion from Hebron’s Shalhevet neighborhood. If a French government expelled Jews from a neighborhood in Paris, a Jew in Israel could readily and reasonably denounce that government as reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Let him only say this of the Olmert government and he could be indicted for incitement, which might be upheld by Supreme Court president Aharon Barak, despite his having quashed an indictment of Arab MK Azmi Bishara, who actually urged Israel’s Arab citizens to murder Jews!

Israel is becoming increasingly polarized. This polarization, however, is the precondition of Israel’s facing its ultimate issue: to be or not to be an authentic Jewish state.

This issue has been buried by one Israeli government after another. This issue will soon be decided thanks to two factors: (1) The ascendancy of Hamas by means of a democratic election reveals the bankruptcy of the Middle East “peace process.” (2) A new generation has arisen in Israel—young men and women who are standing tall against the Israeli Establishment and its corrupt system of government.

They see that a party, Kadima, which never competed in a democratic election, nonetheless gained control of the government and the country. They see that freedom and justice ultimately depend not on democracy but on the eternal truths of the Torah.

Soon the Truth will issue from Zion.