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Election 2003

Valid votes…………………………3,148,364 (69% of roughly 4,526,000 registered voters)

Qualifying threshold (1.5%)………47,226

1. Votes wasted on the pseudo-nationalist parties responsible for the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria:

  • a. Likud = 925,279
  • b. National Union = 173,973
  • c. National Religious Party = 132,370

2. Despite the increase in population and probable increase in the number of registered voters, such is the large number of alienated and apathetic citizens, that the voter turnout may be less than 67%. If so, and despite a higher electoral threshold, no more than 60,000 votes may be required for a party to enter the Knesset.

3. Since a large percentage of the nation’s alienated citizens are those who, in the 2003 election, voted for pseudo-nationalist parties—Likud, National Union, and the National Religious Party—many of these alienated voters will want to vote for a genuine nationalist party, of which there is only one: Baruch Marzel’s Jewish National Alliance—Hazit. (Three Hazit MKs would be worth more than a busload of pseudo-nationalists.)

4. Moreover, since Hazit voters are more deeply motivated, ideologically, than the typical citizen, a larger percentage of these voters will turn out for next week’s election. Hazit may therefore be the surprise of election 2006.

You can make it a bigger surprise by voting

Hazit [ כ ]

Prof. Paul Eidelberg
Chairman, Hazit Ideological Committee