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Heart-rending Destruction of the Synagogues

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The PowerPoint presentation, referenced below, reveals the heart-rending destruction of the synagogues in Gush Katif. Please view it before reading what follows.

No Puedo Perdonar (slide show hosted by

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1. Question: Who is primarily responsible for the desecration of God’s Name and degradation of the Jewish People manifested in the destruction of the synagogues in Gaza’s Jewish communities?

  • Answer: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
  • a. Of course, other parties are also culpable.
  • b. To discern their culpability, recall certain facts:
    1. Labor’s policy of “unilateral disengagement” from Gaza was the paramount issue in the January 2003 election.
    2. During the 2003 election campaign, PM Sharon announced he would not appoint anyone to his cabinet that opposed a Palestinian state.
    3. A Palestinian state logically entails, to begin with, Israel’s withdrawal or disengagement from Gaza.

2. Question: Which parties opposed unilateral disengagement from Gaza in the January 2003 election?

  • Answer: Likud, Shinui, Shas, National Union, National Religious Party, United Torah Judaism, Israel B’Aliya (now defunct).

3. Question: How many Knesset seats did these parties win?

  • Answer: 84 (70% of the Knesset’s membership—which indicates that the vast majority of the Jewish voters rejected Labor’s policy).

4. Question: How many seats did the Labor Party win?

  • Answer: 19 (by far the lowest in its history).

5. Question: Which parties remained in the cabinet and propped up the Sharon’s Likud-led Government after Sharon nullified the results of the January 2003 election by announcing, in December 2003, his adoption of Labor’s unilateral disengagement policy?

  • Answer: Suffice to mention National Union (NU) and the National Religious Party (NRP). (I am ignoring Shinui, since it does not pretend to be a nationalist party).
  • a. NU and NRP signed the Sharon coalition agreement of March 3, 2003, which bound the signatories to the Oslo Agreement—which entails Israel’s ultimate withdrawal from Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.
  • b. Therefore, NU and NRP are also responsible for the Gaza withdrawal, the destruction of Gush Katif, the desecration of God’s Name, and the degradation of the Jewish People.
  • c. If NU and NRP (as well as Likud) ministers possessed a due sense of honor, they would have resigned from the cabinet when Sharon nullified the 2003 election by adopting Labor’s unilateral disengagement policy, which, as mentioned, was rejected by a vast majority of the Jewish voters.
  • d. Instead of using the time-worn excuse, “we can accomplish more working within the government,” NU and NRP leaders should have demanded new elections. (But judging from their having signed the coalition agreement regarding Oslo, it seems they were more concerned about their personal interests than about principles or the national interest.)

6. Question: Which parties composed the Sharon Government after the belated resignation of NU and NRP in 2004?

  • Answer: Likud, Labor, and United Torah Judaism.
  • a. These parties are therefore responsible for the enactment of the Evacuation Law in October 2004—which the Knesset approved by a vote of 67 to 45 (!!!). (Note: PM Sharon, by means of political bribery, induced 23 Likud MKs to vote for that law, which he implemented in August 2005.)
  • b. Nevertheless, Labor and UTJ are also responsible for the destruction of Gush Katif, the desecration of God’s Name, and the degradation of the Jewish People.

7. God have mercy on us.