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Lacking in the Campaign: Candor and Courage

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Examine the campaign rhetoric, the platforms of the various parties: what’s missing? A candid and courageous enunciation of the principles Israel stands for as Jewish nation, and a forthright statement of the policies Israel must pursue to preserve its Jewish identity.

Fortunately, there is one party hearty and honest enough to proclaim these principles and policies: the Jewish National Alliance—Hazit. Hazit’s platform was formulated primarily by Prof. Israel Hanukoglu (former science adviser to the government of Benjamin Netanyahu), Hazit chairman Baruch Marzel (a man of down-to-earth knowledge of Israel and its basic problems), and the present writer (political scientist and author of several books on Statesmanship and Judaism). No other party has this breadth and depth of knowledge.

Hazit is dedicated to three all-comprehensive and interdependent principles: (1) the People of Israel (2) Torah Judaism, and (3) the Land of Israel.

(1) To be dedicated to the People of Israel, power must be shifted power from political parties to the voters. This can only be done by having members of the Knesset elected by, and accountable to, the voters in regional elections. Otherwise, MKs, instead of representing the views and interests of their constituents, will be subservient to their party bosses, especially those who are cabinet ministers. Therefore, parliamentary electoral reform is the first step that must be taken to (a) empower the people; (b) render the Knesset independent of the cabinet; and (c) enable the Knesset to amend Basic Law: The Judiciary, in order to put an end to the judicial despotism and anti-Jewish agenda of the Supreme Court.

(2) To be dedicated to Torah Judaism is to uphold the Torah’s world-inspiring ideas and values and transmit this rich heritage of the Jewish people to future generations. This requires (a) a public school curriculum that includes serious courses on Torah, Talmud, and the great expositors of Jewish law (such as Rashi and Maimonides); (b) courses on Jewish history and Zionism; and (c) law projects to preserve the nation’s Jewish character, threatened by the influx of non-Jews into Israel, and by the non-recognition of Israel’s right to exist by an increasing number of its Arab citizens.

(3) To be dedicated to the Land of Israel, is to understand that this land is the birthright of all Jews, to the unborn as well as to the living. Not a single inch of this land can rightly be surrendered to non-Jews. Therefore, a rational and self-respecting government will (a) abrogate the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement and declare Jewish sovereignty over the heartland of the Jewish people; (b) pass a Land Act to encourage the settlement of this land by 250,000 Jews in five years; and (3) prompt Arabs therein to emigrate by means of financial incentives.

These are Hazit’s basic principles—studiously ignored or obscured by other parties, such as Likud, National Union, the National Religious Party, Israel Beiteinu, Shas, and United Torah Judaism. Perhaps they lack candor or courage? Perhaps they have succumbed to “pragmatism,” a euphemism for timidity? Be this as it may, since courage often comes with numbers, Hazit has invited these parties to issue the following joint statement:

  • Consistent with strategic as well as religious reasons, we categorically reject the surrender of any part of the Land of Israel to non-Jews.
  • We categorically reject the idea that Jews can lawfully divest themselves of Jewish land by means of a national referendum, the attitude of various members of the Knesset. (Abraham Lincoln expressed Jewish law when he said, “No people have a right to do what is wrong.”)
  • We demand that the government abrogate the Oslo Agreement, which has been constantly violated by the PLO and has resulted in the murder of more than 1,500 Jews.
  • We categorically reject the government’s immoral policy of self-restraint vis-à-vis Arab terrorism. This policy makes the lives of Jews expendable. This policy has allowed Arab terror to shatter and traumatize the lives of countless Jewish women, men, and children, and to make thousands of them homeless. We therefore demand that the government uphold the sanctity of Jewish life and pursue a policy of zero-tolerance for Arab terrorism.
  • We categorically reject the release of Arab terrorists, which is not only a violation international law—“no crime without a punishment”—but of justice, reason, and national honor.
  • We categorically reject negotiations with Hamas—Arab Nazis—and deem such negotiations not only demeaning of Judaism, but also self-destructive. They magnify Arab contempt for Jews and incite further Arab terrorism.
  • We demand that the government cease deceiving the people of Israel about “peace,” that it pursue a war-winning strategy toward Hamas, hence, that it destroy the entire Arab terrorist network in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

None of the invited parties mentioned above deserve the trust and support of the Jewish people unless they publicly endorse each and every one of the points mentioned in the above statement.