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An Urgent Message to All Voters

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Please do not mistake Michael Kleiner’s copycat party “Herut” with your one and only steadfast nationalist party, Baruch Marzel’s Jewish National AllianceHazit.

Hazit adopted the comprehensive institutional reform program of the Yamin Israel party, of which I am the president.

Yamin Israel merged with Hazit (see Press Release) because of Marzel’s commitment to changing the system of governance that has corrupted and emasculated this country and is endangering Israel’s survival as a Jewish state.

When you vote Hazit, you are also voting for the program of its partner, Yamin Israel, a program based on my book

Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall.

Vote Hazit [ כ ]

Prof. Paul Eidelberg
Chairman, Hazit Ideological Committee