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Another Warning to All Voters

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Don’t be misled. Michael Kleiner’s Herut party is plagiarizing parts of the program of the Jewish National Alliance—Hazit.

Judging from Herut’s campaign in the 2003 election, Herut is not seriously committed to parliamentary electoral reform, as it now pretends. In fact, Herut’s chairman admitted, after the election, that he was really opposed to raising the 1.5% electoral threshold!

David Ben-Gurion deplored this attitude. It’s the position of Jewish and Arab parties whose leaders fear they will not be able to advance their political ambitions or retain their seats in the Knesset.

Ben-Gurion understood, as would any discerning observer, that a low electoral threshold fragments the Knesset and results in the formation of a government composed of rival party leaders whose primary concern is not the formation of a national program “but merely to divide positions of influence and the national budget”—to quote from Ben-Gurion’s memoirs.

Anyone who advocates a low parliamentary electoral threshold—even if he is a nationalist on other issues—is not a true nationalist, for a low threshold produces a welter of political parties which obviously fragments the nation as well as the government.

This is why Hazit—I repeat, Hazit—advocates a complete overhaul of Israel’s System of Governance as set forth in my book Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall.

So, when you are in the polling booth,

select the slip bearing the letter כ.

That’s Hazit.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg
Chairman, Hazit Ideological Committee