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The Culpability of the Religious Parties

Filed under: EthicsBELIEFS & PERSPECTIVES — eidelberg @ 10:44 pm

1) Are the religious parties oblivious of the fact that Israel is in a war for its survival? Are they ignorant of the fact that the distinction between soldiers and civilians in this war has no validity?

2) When the United States Atom-bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killed tens of thousands of civilians in each city, they did what was morally correct, for they thereby shortened the war. Had the war continued, it would have required a U.S. invasion of Japan. Millions of casualties on both sides would have resulted. Similarly, when the Allies napalmed Dresden and killed a hundred thousand civilians, that bombing was morally justifiable, for these civilians aided and abetted the Nazi war machine. Is the government of Israel waiting for a mega-attack on Tel Aviv? (more…)