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The Pensioners’ Complaint

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Natan Levin, chairman of Keren Lazaken, told The Jerusalem Post (April 27, 2006) that Gil [Pensioners] MKs were “only worried about themselves and their positions in the government and did not care about the people they were sent to the Knesset to represent.”

He informed The Post that before the March 28 election, the Gil politicians had signed a declaration promising to fight for the pensioners’ rights in the areas of economic aid and health, but that in the month since election, “all we have heard in the media is fighting over [cabinet] portfolios”

Mr. Levin’s complaint illustrates a fact which I have repeatedly emphasized, namely, that Israel’s inability to deal effectively and honestly with its socio-economic and security problems is a direct result of its inept and pernicious system of governance. (more…)