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Attention: American Victims of Terrorism

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A number of U.S. citizens have suffered while living or traveling abroad, at the hands of agents or officials of various governments or regimes.

Please be advised that your rights as American citizens are protected by the U.S. Constitution, and you may bring lawsuits against those who violate your rights in a U.S. civil court. American attorneys are available to help you file your complaint. Millions of dollars are awarded each year by U.S. courts to victims of foreign abuse of power, or other forms of persecution.

Before contacting your American attorney, make sure to document the incident, preferably by video. Include reports of any property damage and/or physical harm, medical reports, etc.; as well as photos, names and home addresses of perpetrator(s). Include facts such as section or agency, rank and serial number, both of the perpetrator and his superior. Try to locate and identify the perpetrator’s personal assets. Supply names and addresses of any witnesses who are prepared to travel to the United States to testify in court.

Do not let yourself be intimidated; make note of any efforts to intimidate you or your witnesses. The decision to bring civil action in your pursuit of justice is entirely at your own discretion.

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Be aware that the rights and assets of U.S. citizens in Israel, as elsewhere, are protected by the laws and courts of the United States of America.

Violation of the rights of U.S. citizens, whether by causing bodily harm, property damage, unlawful detention or other violations of their constitutionally guaranteed civil rights may subject you to personal liability and civil action at the discretion of the victim, in addition to possible criminal charges in the courts of the U.S. and its jurisdictions. Millions of dollars have been awarded to American victims around the globe as a result of such lawsuits.

Your involvement or actions against an American citizen will lay you open to civil summons.

It is estimated that such a claim could take two to five years from summons to verdict, with legal costs that could escalate to as much as $150,000-350,000 for each party. In addition to any judgment levied upon you, the court may additionally levy the plaintiff’s legal costs to you. A lien for the judgment will be placed against your home, car, bank accounts, holdings and other assets. We are confident that your attorneys will recommend that you respond to a summons and not default. Default judgments are for all purposes the same as a guilty plea, which could adversely affect the financial future of yourself and your family.

We wish to assure you of the fairness of the U.S. justice system. You may request a jury trial, which, hopefully, will guarantee a fair and balanced decision without fear of prejudice due to your race, culture, or country of origin.

If your attorney advises you to claim immunity as an officer of your government, you will have to prove this to a jury in a U.S. court. In such a case it is advisable to make sure that your orders were given to you in writing by an authorized government official. It is further suggested that you obtain a binding commitment from said official to pay all your legal fees, before proceeding to violate the rights of American citizens.

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