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A New Leadership

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All those who went to Homesh to express their Jewish commitment to Eretz Israel deserve the greatest praise. Their evacuation by the police will not dishearten them. Among them will be the leaders of a future Israel.

But they should know and carefully consider the fact that events in Israel and in the Middle East are running much, much faster than their own current activities. I don’t have to tell them about the perfidious policies of the Olmert government, But I must emphasize that Israel’s domestic enemies are moving faster, much faster, than our brave Zionists.

On many occasions I have urged the formation of a new leadership, one that can gain control of the next government or at least prevent its capitulation to foreign forces, including the United States. This new leadership will not be found in any existing party—certainly none in the Knesset. Our people have been enslaved by a tyranny of fools and cowards entrenched in power by an utterly inept and corrupt system of government.

We must find a man and organize behind him a youth movement openly committed to reversing Israel’s suicidal foreign policy and to openly declare the necessity of radically altering Israel’s decrepit and undemocratic system of government.

Our freedom, whose festival we are about to celebrate, ultimately depends a new kind of leadership, one that will accelerate, magnify, and systematize all efforts to overcome the bondage of the present regime.

Chag Pesach Sameach