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Wiping Israel off the Map

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In response to my article “An Exercise in Political Logic,” a reader asked a question especially appropriate for Passover: “How different is it between the President of Iran saying he will wipe Israel off the map and Bush continuously sending [Secretary of State Condoleezza] Rice to Israel to nag [the Israeli government] to give up one piece of land after another?”

It’s an old story. The nations have ever sought to wipe Israel—really the Torah—off the map, but they have done so in different ways. (more…)

An Exercise in Political Logic: A Challenge to American Zionists

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1. It is well known that Ehud Olmert, who is primarily responsible for Israel’s defeat in the Second Lebanese War, is the most inept and least respected prime minister in Israel’s history.

2. Therefore, in view of the emerging nuclear threat from Iran and the proximate threat of its proxies, Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, Mr. Olmert is a clear and present danger to Israel’s survival. (more…)


World History

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Adapted from a teaching of HaGaon HaRav, Dr. Chaim Zimmerman, z”l.

There was a time when great men walked the earth, such as King David, King Soloman, Plato, Aristotle, Yehuda HaNassi. Such was their nobility that they were not only worthy of having slaves, but it was an honor to be the slave of such men. Of course there were also tyrants who unjustly had slaves, but this does not reflect on the great men we have mentioned.

As time went on, however, such great and noble men disappeared. (more…)


To Face and Overcome Evil: A World-Historical Perspective

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The present inability of Western elites, especially in the United States and Israel, to clearly see and vividly feel the genocidal evil posed by Islamic imperialism endangers the survival of civilization.

The loss of the West’s ability to fearlessly confront this evil may be attributed to the triumph of secularism in the democratic world. Samuel Huntington, author of The Clash of Civilizations, and by no means a religionist, attributes the triumph of secularism to Christianity, hence to its separation of religion and state (or public law). (more…)


What Voting Meant to James Wilson: And Why Voting in Israel Yields Corrupt Government

James Wilson of Pennsylvania was one of six men who signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. His contribution to the deliberations of the Federal Constitutional Convention of 1787 was second only to that of James Madison. He was also the principal draftsman of Pennsylvania’s own constitution of 1790.

Mr. Wilson was one of the original Justices of the Supreme Court as well as one of the first professors of law. He was widely regarded as the profoundest legal scholar of his generation. (more…)