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Telling The Truth

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Dear Friends:

My telling the truth about Israel’s undemocratic and dysfunctional System of Government on the one hand, and yet Israel’s strategic and spiritual significance to the United States and mankind on the other—this, at Hillsdale College, Michigan, the University of Washington, Seattle, and at various venues in California—met with the most positive response I have ever had in an American lecture tour. (Audio-video recordings of some of these talks will soon be made available to the general public.)

Such was the success of this lecture tour that the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy is adding three members to its Board. Henceforth, Eleonora Shifrin, Executive Director (Israel), will be joined by Keren Horowitz, Executive Director (USA), Sharen E. Spratt, Executive Director (International), and Aleksandra Fliegler, Public Relations (USA).

To all these and other persons and organizations that made this lecture tour and its achievements possible, I extend my profoundest thanks and gratitude.