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The Anti-Terror Campaign That Succeeded

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by Steven Plaut
Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Courtesy of The Jewish Press

After their military defeat by regular forces, the occupied population produced terrorists who engaged in bombings, sniping, poisonings, and other attacks on occupation forces and on the civilian population. They operated as irregulars in small terror units, armed with automatic weapons and bazookas.

Women and minors as young as eight participated in the terror attacks. They attempted to build weapons of mass destruction, using chemical poisons. They assassinated officials of the occupation regime. They had a special obsession with torturing and murdering “collaborators.” They murdered hundreds of civilians, while thousands of the terrorists themselves were killed by the occupation armed forces. The occupiers responded to terror with brutality and force, sometimes using collective punishment.

The above does not refer to or describe the anti-American and anti-British terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. (more…)


Public Opinion and Democratic Despotism

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Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, June 25, 2007.

A waggish commentator defined opinion polls as foolish persons asking stupid questions of ignorant people. Nevertheless, it’s commonly believed that a country is democratic if public opinion more or less influences the government’s laws and policies. But what in all seriousness is “public opinion”?

A democracy can manifest four types of public opinion. I shall relate each type to Israel to see whether Israel is really a democracy, as its ruling elites would have us believe.

The first and most familiar type of public opinion is “media-generated” or “statistical” public opinion. (more…)


To Liberate Gilad Shalit

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It has been suggested that Israel’s government issue the following ultimatum to Hamas:

Return Gilad Shalit unharmed to Israel or we shall cease supplying Gaza with fuel and electricity.

This suggestion should be carefully weighed vis-a-vis current efforts to obtain Shalit’s release. (more…)


The War Against Judaism: Its Underlying Significance

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A war is being waged against Judaism. The war is being fought on many fronts and by different enemies. By far the most dangerous enemy is the government of Israel, notwithstanding the participation in the government of one or another religious party. In fact, even the religious parties are untrustworthy. Having facilitated the Oslo Agreement and Disengagement, they have helped their secular counterparts in stripping Israel of Jewish land.

Israel’s government employs many weapons in its war against Judaism. (more…)


Star Spangled Banner

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In view of (1) the multiculturalism sweeping across the United States, (2) the spate of atheistic books now being published in that country; (3) the anti-Americanism propagated by many universities and many mosques, copies of this article should be disseminated as widely as possible, especially to: the judges of the United States Supreme Court, members of Congress, university presidents, and prominent immigrant organizations.

All Four Stanzas

by Isaac Asimov, March 1991
Courtesy of the Pure Water Gazette

I have a weakness — I am crazy, absolutely nuts, about our national anthem.

The words are difficult and the tune is almost impossible, but frequently when I’m taking a shower I sing it with as much power and emotion as I can. It shakes me up every time. (more…)


An Interview with Benjamin Netanyahu

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Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, June 18, 2007.

On June 6, 2007, Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu was interviewed by Victoria Vexelman of the Russian Channel-7. I have an English rendering of excerpts of that interview and will comment on Netanyahu’s stated position on key issues.

Vexelman asked Netanyahu: “What is your attitude to the idea of a law to extend Israel’s sovereignty on those territories where there is no Arab population?”1 [Vexelman apparently has in mind Israeli annexation of those areas of Judea and Samaria where Jewish communities are located, as well as those areas of Judea and Samaria where neither Jews nor Arabs are located. Jewish sovereignty over these areas would preclude the establishment of a Palestinian state.] (more…)

A General Policy Statement and Political Analysis

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1. The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy is an independent, non-profit, educational institution. Its primary goal is to promote Constitutional Democracy in Israel. The Foundation has drafted a Constitution for this purpose.

2. The Foundation’s first practical objective is to empower the people by making legislators individually accountable to the voters in regional or multidistrict elections.

3. The Foundation’s constitutional method of analysis reveals how the flaws inherent in Israel’s political and judicial institutions render it virtually impossible to solve Israel’s domestic and international problems. (more…)

Discomfiting Questions

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Interviewed last week in The Jerusalem Post, left-wing Professor of Law Uriel Reichman said that Israel’s system of government is seriously flawed.

Left-wing Political Scientist Naomi Chazan said as much of the system in the same newspaper.

Question 1: Is it not strange that two eminent leftists should affirm what the present writer, reputedly a “right-winger,” has been saying for two decades? (more…)


On Revolution

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[December 10, 1994—updated June 16, 2007]

A respected political scientist has said that a revolution would have erupted in any Third World country had its people suffered what the people of Israel have suffered under the Rabin (now read the Sharon or Olmert) government: deceit, betrayal, Jewish bloodshed, humiliation:

  • Releasing and arming thousands of Arab terrorists

  • Exercising self-restraint while Arab terrorists murdered 1,500 Jews

  • Expelling 10,000 Jews from their homes in Gaza and northern Samaria

  • (more…)


What Really Happened in the Middle East

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Courtesy of FrontPageMagazine.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is releasing a 10-minute flash video, “What Really Happened In The Middle East”, that restores reality to the Israeli-Arab conflict, as a fifty-year war by Arab Muslims to reverse what they refer to as the Nahkba—the catastrophe of Israel’s birth as a nation. (more…)


The Peres-Shas Nexus: A Commentary on the Religious Parties

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Just as Shas is partly responsible for the Oslo Agreement, hence, for Oslo’s degradation of Israel, so it is partly responsible for making Shimon Peres, Oslo’s architect president of Israel—the latest degradation of the so-called Jewish state.

The Shas-Peres nexus goes back almost 20 years as may be seen in Attorney Howard Grief’s November 12, 1998 article “Why Israel Needs an Independent Counsel” (a proposal initiated by the present writer).

Grief made an exhaustive study of an improper relationship which existed between the Labor and Shas parties between 1988 and 1996 during which time Peres was the key player. (more…)

A Non-Jew Becomes President of Israel!

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Does the title of this article appear outlandish to you? If so, you don’t know Shimon Peres.

First of all, Peres has long advocated the transformation of Israel from a Jewish state to “a state of its citizens.”

Second, consider this excerpt from Mr. Peres’s interview with Ha’aretz following his defeat by Benjamin Netanyahu in the May 1996 prime ministerial election: (more…)



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One of the basic shortcomings of Israel’s rightwing commentators is that they view the Left as inane or insane—as foolish or pathological. Of course, there is some truth to this view of certain leftists. Max Nordau, a psychiatrist, would diagnose them as “degenerates,” and would attribute their degeneracy to egoism on the one hand, and a lack of moral convictions on the other.

But this analysis of leftists, who persist in the disastrous policy of territorial retreat despite the bloody consequences of Oslo, ignores a simple fact: some, perhaps many, leftists are simply traitors, cold-blooded opportunists animated by a lust for power. Shimon Peres is only the most obvious example. (more…)

Dwelling in Denial

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See the final paragraph (highlighted) of Prof. Inbar’s article (below) before reading my critique.

Does Professor Inbar really believe that any Arab state or combination of Arab states can solve the existential problem of the Jewish state?

1) No less than Daniel Pipes recently and belatedly realized that Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt has been a failure. In addition to its rabid anti-Semitic media, Egypt has for years facilitated the arming of Arab terrorists in Gaza.

2) As for Jordan, it remains a capital offense in that country to sell property to Jews. Besides, Jordan, whose own survival depends on Israel, has nonetheless provided at least moral support for the terrorism perpetrated against Israel by the PLO-Palestinian Authority. (more…)

The Golan Heights and The Syrian Snake Ceremony—Postscript

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Why has Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “suddenly” opened up backdoor channels to Syria offering to surrender the Golan Heights to that terrorist state?

The Bush administration let it be known, however, that it does not want Israel to negotiate with Syria. This is a cover-up. (more…)

The Betrayal of Israel: Shimon Peres and Lebanon

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by Professors Paul Eidelberg & Wolf Pearlman

I have stated that I totally and utterly reject Peres and consider his rise to prominence a malignant, immoral disgrace. I will rend my clothes in mourning for the State if I see him become a minister in the Israeli government.

Moshe Sharett, Former Israeli Prime Minister
Personal Diary (1957)

Shimon Peres is again campaigning to become Israel’s President. We shall show that his election to that office would constitute, in the words of Moshe Sharett, a “malignant, immoral disgrace.” (more…)

The Golan Heights and The Syrian Snake Ceremony

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s willingness to surrender the strategically important Golan Heights to Syria is the most recent example of the Left’s contempt for Jewish public opinion. The present writer recalls various polls taken before the June 1992 election, when overwhelming public majorities of 80 to 90 percent opposed any withdrawal from the Golan Heights.

In that election, the Labor Party’s official platform proclaimed: “Israel sees in the Golan Heights an area of great importance for its security, its safety and the ensuring of its water resources, even in times of peace. (more…)



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Whereas Prime Minister Olmert is willing to yield the Golan Heights to Syria, a despotic regime;

Whereas the Golan Height belongs as a matter of right to the Jewish People;

Whereas surrendering the Golan Heights would violate the inalienable right of its Jewish inhabitants; (more…)

The Hidden Cause of the Arab War Against Israel

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Why Arabs want to destroy Israel receives only superficial commentary by students of the Arab-Israel War.

Most say the Arabs want to destroy Israel because it is a Jewish state. Notice, however, that the state’s political elites are only nominally Jewish. In fact, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister Tsippi Livni, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, and Education Minister Yuli Tamir want to transform Israel into a multicultural society like Sweden, whose political elites have erased their own people’s history and culture.

Others say that the Arabs want to wipe Israel off the map of the Middle East because it is a democracy that threatens, by its example, the autocratic power structure of the Arab-Islamic world. (more…)

Machiavelli and the Decay of Western Civilization

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Machiavelli is the father of Modernity and Democracy and the creator of Secular Man par excellence. His deceptively simple book The Prince, so often trivialized, marks the Copernican revolution in politics.1 In that sibylline work Machiavelli undertook the world-historical task of destroying nothing less than the two pillars of Western civilization, classical Greek philosophy and Christianity, whose ethics, whether derived from Nature or nature’s God, derogate from the complete autonomy of human will and desire.

The key to modernity will be found in Chapter 15 of The Prince.2 There Machiavelli lists ten pairs of qualities for which men, especially rulers, are praised or blamed—qualities which a ruler, “if he wishes to maintain himself,” must be able to “use” and “not use” “according to necessity.”3 Some rulers, he declares, “are held liberal, some miserly…[and/or] rapacious; some cruel, others full of pity; the one faithless, the other faithful; the one effeminate and pusillanimous, the other fierce and spirited; the one human, the other proud; the one lascivious, the other chaste; the one open, the other cunning; the one hard, the other easy; the one grave, the other light; the one religious, the other skeptical, and the like.” (more…)