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Jordan Troops in West Bank

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Commentary on the IMRA report below.

Olmert and Jordanian troops in “West Bank”??? Netanyahu also proposed Jordanian troops in Judea and Samaria; and, as Prime Minister, Netanyahu also supplied terrorists with arms to protect Israel against terrorists!

So Netanyahu and Olmert are still mired in the mentality of Oslo—a defeatist policy that demeans the Israel Defense Forces, whose primary purpose, it seems, is to remove Jews from Jewish land. Wasn’t this the inevitable purpose of Oslo, hence of the IDF?

By the way: Has Netanyahu ever acknowledged and apologized for his blunders? Not necessary in Israel, whose parliamentary electoral system of voting for party slates in a single nationwide election precludes political accountability. Know of any politician or political aspirant that makes this fact a major if not basic aspect of his criticism of Israeli politics or of his commentaries on Israel’s malaise?

Report courtesy of Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA).

Thursday, July 12, 2007
Abbas expected to ask Olmert to approve entry of Palestinian Bader Division

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is considering allowing forces from the Palestinian Bader Division of the Jordanian army to enter the West Bank at President Mahmoud Abbas’ request.

The two leaders are expected to discuss the matter on Monday during their meeting in Jerusalem.

Prior to Hamas’ takeover of Gaza Abbas asked that Bader Division forces be allowed entry to the Strip, but his current request is aimed at preserving his control over the West Bank.

Israeli officials refused to say whether Olmert would grant the request at this stage. It should be noted that the security establishment had denied a similar request by Abbas in the past.

During Monday’s meeting the Palestinian leader is also set to ask that Israel approve the transfer of several dozen armored vehicles from Egypt, a move he claimed would help maintain public order in the Palestinian territories.

Abbas will also ask Israel to authorize the transfer of thousands of protective vests and additional military gear to his forces.

Olmert, for his part, is expected to bring to the meeting the list of 250 Fatah prisoners slated for release by Israel. The prime minister is also expected to official inform Abbas of the release of the frozen Palestinian tax funds and of Israel’s guarantee to transfer any funds collected on behalf of the Palestinians in the future.

It is not yet clear whether US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who is scheduled to arrive in the Middle East on Monday, will take part in the meeting.

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