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To Save Israel

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An Open Letter to Uzi Landau, Former Cabinet Minister;
Yoram Ettinger, Ambassador (ret.);
William Mehlman, Publisher;
Herzl Makov, Former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Shamir;
and other signatories of the timely ads appearing in The Jerusalem Post under the heading “To All Am Israel.”

Dear Friends:

For quite some time I have urged the formation of a team of individuals representing diverse professions and sectors of Israeli society to seek and select a person possessing the courage, wisdom, and affability required to be Israel’s prime minister. This person must reverse the backward territorial policy of previous Israeli governments—a policy that cannot but end in Israel’s destruction. He must also understand, however, that Israel’s transient system of multi-party cabinet government is inherently divisive, inept, and conducive to corruption, hence incapable of pursuing a coherent, resolute, and long-term national strategy.

I urge you to form such a team and seek such a person.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg, President
The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy

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