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Israel and the Nations

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“In a place where there are no men, strive to be a man.” These words of Rabbi Hillel apply to a nation no less than to an individual. They apply especially to Israel, to the Jewish people who, for 2,000 years, have been vilified, persecuted, and decimated by the nations of this world.

Israel is alone. Consider her present situation. Democratic America, like democratic Europe, is committed to a Palestinian state—an inevitable Arab dictatorship on Israel’s doorstep. Democratic America, like democratic Europe, is bent on forcing Israel back to her indefensible 1949 borders. Democratic America and democratic Europe are supplying Islamic dictatorships with sophisticated military equipment, which can only facilitate the demise of “democratic” Israel.

That Israel is alone is no accident of policy, or of this or that Israeli government. It is the historic burden of the Jewish people, a people despised in the Gospels, in the Koran, in the writings of Karl Marx. It is no accident that the UN, founded on democratic principles, but dominated by Islamic and other tyrannies, repeatedly condemns Israel. It is no accident that the UN Security Council should admit to its membership terrorists states committed to Israel’s destruction.

People of Israel: Do you not see that democratic equality has made it possible for the UN to become the leveler of all distinctions: distinctions between freedom and servitude, between good and evil, between civilization and barbarism? Do you not see that despite the democracy of which you so foolishly boast you are alone—alone among the democratic nations of the world?

Israel’s destiny is to be alone, only she does not know how to stand alone. She imitates the nations of the West, tripping over each other in their mad rush to appease petty Arabs despots. The West is decadent: decadent in passion, thought, and action. One does not need to be a Nietzsche to smell the decay.

What does the West take pride in? Its affluence? A word for hedonism. Its freedom? A euphemism for licentiousness. Its pluralism? A meaningless hodgepodge. Its humanism? A leveling of humanity. Its universities? Generators of nihilism. This nihilism, this lack of conviction, is so deep and widespread that the West cannot honestly confront its sworn and decadent enemy: Islam. Instead, the West (Edom) unites with Islam (Ishmael) against Israel.

So Israel is alone, despised by the nations. And well she might be despised, led as she is by despicable politicians. They know not the secret of Jewish survival. They know not that the Jews survived because they despised their despisers. They know not that the Jews survived by remaining distinct, different, distant. They know not that the Jews survived not by imitating the nations but by cultivating their own ancient heritage, daring to believe they are God’s Chosen People, a people with a divine mission. What nation has bestowed upon mankind the blessings of this people?

Come therefore to Israel, O you Jews that live in gentile lands in which you have and can have no future, neither for yourselves nor for your children. Come to Israel! Let us rid this land of its pusillanimous politicians and create a Jewish Israel. This Holy Land awaits you, and the God of Israel promises you, that here, together with your people, you shall know how to stand alone and be a blessing to mankind.