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Urgent Message from Dr. Steve Carol

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I am happy to endorse Dr. Carol’s message, indeed, year after year I have conveyed the same basic message to Jewish and Zionist organizations in America. Dr. Carol wants these organizations to not only to speak up and loudly denounce the Munich/appeasement policy of Israel’s government, but to withhold support for this government. He writes:

The organizations should include the Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Congress, AIPAC, ZOA, and any religious umbrella organization (e.g. United Reform Movement), etc.

What to say—“The time for silent acquiescence to the suicidal course of the Israeli government has come to an end. Israel and the Diaspora are inexorably intertwined (like a Havdalah candle). What happens to Israel will directly impact on all Jews globally. If Israel falls, anti-Semitism will rear its ugly head in a new wave that will make all previous waves in history, seem as if they were picnics”!!

The Israeli secular-leftist government is headed down the road to national suicide, with land concession after land concession—in return for what? Certainly not peace—except if it is the peace of the grave! Since the misnamed Oslo “Peace Process” of 1993—there have been more deaths of Israelis and Jews world-wide than in almost all of its wars. Yet the Israeli governments, including the current Olmert one, persist on this path. They are ready to give up the patrimony of the Jewish people, including sacred sites which will never be regained.

They wish to rush the establishment of a second Palestinian Arab state (Jordan being the first). For their trouble they have received rocket barrages and terrorist attack. In May 2000 Israel unilaterally withdrew from southern Lebanon, abandoning their Christian Lebanese allies to their fate. For their trouble Israel received not peace, but Hezbollah entrenched on Israel’s northern border. In the summer of 2006 that border exploded as 4,000 rockets dropped on Israel, displacing 1 million Israelis. In August 2005 Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip uprooting 21 Jewish settlements, many two generations old, forcibly evicting 9,000 Israelis. The IDF during the last few years has shown great prowess at beating Israeli Jews, but a lack-luster performance in the Second Lebanon War. Albert Einstein gave us the clear explanation: “Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” This is the current path of Israel’s government. The inmates are running the asylum.

Now, Olmert, Livni, Peres, Barak et al want to give up East Jerusalem with the Old City (containing the most sacred sites of Judaism and Christianity—and two mosques). They want to recognize sovereignty of a second Palestinian state. Once that is done, these lands are gone forever, even if there is another subsequent war and Israel retakes the area. Currently this is (according to international law) disputed territory (East Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and even Gaza). Israel has a stronger claim to it than any other party, since Israel gained control in a war of self-defense.

Further to be stressed—for this is the famous cop-out of these organizations: “Who are we to tell the Israeli government and people what to do—after all they are there and we are not!” To which the response is: “The Jewish people and Israel are linked. What happens to one directly affects the other party. Israel cannot exist without Jewish Diaspora and Christian Zionist help. The Jews of the Disaspora cannot long survive in a world without Israel.” Just as you, will not allow your drunken friend to sit behind the wheel and drive the car over a cliff, so to we cannot sit by and acquiesce to the present course.

Bottom line—stress that you (and all others to whom you speak) will not make any contributions to any organization that sits back, keeps quiet, and lets Israel continue on its present course. These organizations must speak up and demand that the Olmert government step down. That the “peace process” be declared dead. That there is nothing to negotiate if one party wishes the other side dead—vanished—or in the words of Iranian president Ahmadinejad “wiped off the map.” Israel and the Jewish people before the re-establishment (not “creation”) of the state have been fighting an on-going 135+ year war against Arab/Muslim forces bent on the destruction of Israel and annihilation of the Jewish people, first in the Middle East and then globally. Since it is and has been a war, it is time to focus on winning. In a war, if your side is not winning, it is losing. Israel must inflict such a catastrophe on its enemies that they sue for peace. If not, then the catastrophe will befall Israel.

That is what needs to be done. No money, no contributions. These organizations need your funds to keep themselves in existence.

Much the same arguments can be made to our Senators and Congressmen. Israel is a strategic asset for the United States. It is a loyal ally. It is (unless things continue to go the way they are) an unsinkable aircraft carrier in the Middle East, a region of vital importance to the U.S. We, the U.S., should not sell out an ally for oil. We should not sacrifice Israel on the altar of appeasement as the West did to Czechoslovakia in 1938. Appeasement does not buy peace. It only whets the appetite of the crocodile, which will eat the appeasers last.

Please feel free to pass these thoughts on to all on your e-mail list. If any Congressman or Senator contacts you, suggest that they speak with me.

I hope that this gives you some ideas on how to pursue this vital, time-sensitive work we all must do. The clock shows one-minute before the midnight of doom. The discovery of nuclear material in Syria, the knowledge of chemical weapons being based in Syria and Iran, and Iran’s hell-bent rush to acquire nuclear weapons (at the latest within the year) does not bode well, to say the least, for Israel, the United States and the West in general.

Dr. Steve Carol
• Prof. of History (retired)
• Middle East Consultant—Salem Radio Network News
• Associate Producer & Official Historian—Middle East Radio Forum

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