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Patrons of Terror and the Myth of Israeli Democracy

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The root cause of terrorism is simply this: Arab or Muslim terrorists are patronized, more precisely, they are rewarded for killing and maiming innocent human beings! But what kind of regime would reward such monsters?

Alan Dershowitz writes: “Every single root cause associated with terrorism has existed for centuries, and the vast majority of groups with equivalent or more compelling causes—and with greater poverty—have never resorted to terrorism.”

Since the inception of Islam some 1,400 years ago, Muslims have slaughtered over 200 million “infidels.” This mania for murder—it’s called “jihad”—is a basic religious imperative and stands by itself as a sufficient cause of Islamic terrorism.

In April 2002, Sheikh Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, the leading Islamic scholar at al-Azhar University of Cairo, declared that “martyrdom operations”—meaning suicide bombings—“were the highest form of jihad operation,” and that suicide attacks is “an Islamic commandment until the people of Palestine regain their land and cause the cruel Israeli aggression to retreat.” Al-Azhar is the leading university in the Islamic world; when it speaks it speaks for Islamdom as well as for the government of Egypt.

Unsurprisingly, a poll taken at Najah University in Nablus found that almost 90 percent of the “Palestinians” surveyed were in favor of continuing terror attacks to liberate all of Palestine. Why not when terrorism is rewarded? Let me sketch recent history.

1) In December 1970, after seven terrorist attacks during the previous seven months, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution recognizing the “inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.” (These so-called Palestinians actually consist of a welter of tribes or clans without any Palestinian language or culture.)

2) In November 1974, PLO chief Yasser Arafat was allowed to speak at the UN General Assembly, becoming the first non-state leader to do so. Nine days later the UN granted observer status to the PLO, the world’s leading terrorist organization.

3) In 1978, President Jimmy Carter allowed the PLO to establish an office in Washington, DC.

4) During 1979, Arafat was welcomed by European capitals as if he was a head of state.

5) In 1980, the European Economic Community declared that the Palestinian people “must be placed in a position to exercise fully the right to self-determination”—meaning statehood.

6) In 1982, Pope John Paul II received Arafat in Rome. The Pope had at least five meetings with Arafat, more than he would ordinarily have with heads of state!

7) On December 22, 1987, the UN Security Council condemned Israeli practices in putting down the intifada which had erupted two weeks earlier.

8) In September 1993. Arafat signed the Oslo Accords on the White House lawn. Though known to have ordered the assassination of two American diplomats in Khartoum in 1978, Arafat was applauded in the audience by four former American presidents: Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan.

9) In December 1994, Arafat, the godfather of international terrorism, received a Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo together with Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.

10) During 1996, Arafat was the honored guest at the Clinton White House more frequently than heads of state.

I’ve mentioned some leading patrons of terrorism. I didn’t mention American universities that honored Arafat (as Columbia University just honored Mahmoud Ahmadinejad). But more culpable than these patrons of terror are Israeli prime ministers who, since 1985, have released over 7,000 Arab terrorists.

Perhaps most culpable was Ariel Sharon. Not only was he the first Israeli prime minister to openly advocate a Palestinian state, but he also adopted and implemented Labor’s policy of “unilateral disengagement” from Gaza—now a world center of international terrorism. Sharon may have thus prepared the foundation for Israel’s demise, since the Olmert government is simply following in his footsteps—retreating toward Israel’s Auschwitz lines by its willingness to surrender Judea and Samaria to the Palestinian Authority.

Arab terrorism has thus made great progress toward its ultimate objective, Israel’s annihilation. This objective has been facilitated by Israeli governments which prefer to patronize rather than devastate Arab terrorists.

What is not understood or publicized, however, by Zionist or “right-wing” critics is that the government’s release (hence appeasement) of Arab terrorists is largely the result of its undemocratic character!

The release of Arab terrorists—an issue of momentous political and moral significance—has never been subject to public debate in Israel. The decision to release terrorists is made primarily by the prime minister who presents his decision as a fait accomplis to the cabinet whose members dare not negate him lest they be dismissed or jeopardize their own power and privileges.

Operating here is prime ministerial government, a euphemism for prime ministerial dictatorship.

No president of the United States could release terrorists without formal approval of the Congress—otherwise, he would be impeached.

And so, as I have often shown, the myth of Israeli democracy, which endows Israel’s government with legitimacy and its ruling elites respectability, is destroying this country.