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Knesset Against Annapolis

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Israel’s Knesset Votes Against Annapolis

More than half the Knesset members from both the Opposition and Coalition factions have signed a petition against Olmert’s plan to give away parts of Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority. The document rejects this unlawful plot to relinquish Israel’s sovereignty over the Old City—the city holy to Jews throughout the world and to Christians everywhere who abhor the prospect of Muslim sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem.

The Knesset is of course the supreme law-making branch of the State of Israel.

By signing the above document, the Knesset, in effect, negates the U.S.-Saudi-imposed Annapolis Conference, since the Muslims attending that conference have stated they will not sign any agreement that leaves the Old City of Jerusalem—including the Temple Mount—under Israel’s sovereignty.

All lovers of Israel should rally in support of the Knesset’s opposition to the division of Jerusalem.