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The Complaint of an Israeli Soldier

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“I’m turning in my uniform to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and so are my buddies!”

Why? I asked.

“Look we fight, we fight against Fatah and Hamas other Arab terrorists, right? We risk our lives, some of us are wounded, some of my friends have been killed by these terrorists, and Barak and Olmert agree to releasing 435 of these bastards as a good will gesture to their terrorist leaders, like Mahmoud Abbas, Why the hell should I fight and risk my life when these politicians are more concerned about their seats and pleasing others than protecting us?”

But if everyone took your attitude, every soldier would lay down his arms and Israel would be slaughtered. Jewish mothers and fathers, wives and children, would be butchered and raped just as they were in Hebron in 1929.

“Look, we’re not stupid and we love Israel, and we are just as patriotic as any one. But no one has a right to order to me to attack some position in Gaza or in Lebanon when he knows we are going to return it to more Arab terrorists or to the UN, which is about the same thing. The trouble is we don’t have a real mission. Like destroying the enemy—period. Even when we attack, it’s only to retreat, and we pay with blood both ways. We’re sick of this political bull****.”

But look, war is not just fighting. There are political objectives, and fighting has to be subordinated to those objectives, and it’s for the government to set those objectives.

“What objectives? The only objective I’ve seen is how to retreat and surrender. What’s the government’s political objective? What’s Barak’s objective? What’s Olmert’s objective? What’s the objective of these politicians? I’ll tell you what it is: It’s about how to keep his job, his power, his free trips to the States, his buying splurges in Manhattan. Barak has become millionaire and he wants to multiply his millions. Meanwhile, whoever is climbing the money ladder has to please Bush by releasing the terrorists we captured at the risk of our lives. Thousands—an army of terrorists, and they go on to kill Jews while Olmert kisses Abbas’ tuchiss.”

Look, I know it’s bad, but this is a democracy and the military, your officer corps, has to follow the orders of the government.

“Wait a minute! You think my parents and the families of my buddies go along with this camel dung and want to sit shiva for us because that’s the price we have to pay for living in a democracy? I don’t think you’ll find one in ten Israelis going for this crap. Look, I wanted to be an officer. If I were an officer I wouldn’t use my men as cannon fodder for the careers of politicians. I’m sick of our officers! Not a one them has the guts to stop this bloody charade. The first duty of an officer is protect his soldiers while carrying out his mission—and the only serious mission is to destroy the enemy. Instead, our officers are collaborating with a government that is collaborating with the enemy. What has become of our generals? They used to act like lions; now they behave like pussy cats. They have become the lackeys of self-serving politicians. I’m turning in my uniform. Enough is enough!”