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A Little Light, Please, on Some Ruling Elites

Filed under: GeneralEthicsBELIEFS & PERSPECTIVES — eidelberg @ 7:24 am

Chanukah is a festival of light, and light is the source of truth. Let’s have a little light, please, beginning with Pope Benedict XVI.

Recall Hezbollah’s unprovoked attack on Israel on July 12, 2006. On July 16, the Pope said: “At the origin of these devastating confrontations, there are, unfortunately, objective situations of the violation of law and justice. But neither terrorist acts nor retaliation can be justified, especially when these come with tragic consequences for the civilian population.”

This is more than “do not resist evil.” The Pope placed Hezbollah’s terrorist acts and the Israel’s retaliation on the same moral level: for him, neither can be justified. It seems that Pope Benedict XVI had succumbed to moral equivalence, which makes nonsense of the New Testament. (more…)