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A Pipe Dream

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The question arises: When will the big brass in the Israel Defense Forces overcome the lie about Israeli democracy and “dismiss” prime minister Ehud Olmert? How can the general staff stomach a prime minister who has ordered Israeli soldiers not to destroy the enemy, the Palestinian Authority, but to fight for that terrorist organization?

Doesn’t any general understand that the government, though democratically elected, has forfeited its legitimacy by the simple fact it has failed to fulfill the first and foremost object of government, namely, to protect the lives of its citizens?

Is the general staff mentally retarded? Have the big brass no courage, no sense of honor, no concern for the lives of their own soldiers? Do they ever ask themselves: Can the spineless government of Israel sink any lower?

Consider the enormity of this wretched government. It has used the IDF to expel 8,000 Jewish women, men, and children from their homes, for example, in Gush Katif. But now this supine and shameless government, at the command of a foreign power (the USA) wants the IDF to fight for Fatah, a terrorist organization, to prevent its succumbing to Hamas, another terrorist organization. Jewish soldiers will thus become the enemies of their own people.

Let me project the next logical stage of this degradation of the so-called Jewish state. To fulfill the ignoble legacy of George W. Bush—the creation of a Palestinian state—the IDF will expel perhaps as many as 250,000 Jews residing in Judea and Samaria, the heartland of the Jewish people. But to accomplish this fiendish treason, the IDF will be ordered to use violence against Jews that resist. Jews are going to be maimed and murdered (God forbid) by Jewish soldiers. Amona is nothing compared to what the democratically elected dictatorship of Ehud Olmert will do for President Bush’s legacy—and rest assured, all will be done in the name or mantra of democracy.

Do not expect heroism from any member of the Knesset, because all of them have a personal interest in preserving the existing political system which is making more and more of the Land of Israel Judenrein. This noisome political system is what assures the political longevity of Israeli politicians. Just ask ponder the 50-year advent of Israel’s current president.

Not even the Jewish Leadership (Manhigut Yehudit) movement publicly and emphatically exposes the devious and mendacious character of Israel’s existing system of government—stating, without equivocation, that Israel is a democratically elected despotism. What can we then expect from an MK who, while he calls for civil disobedience against the Olmert regime, offers no criticism of the system that made this regime possible? A system, I have shown, that has actually disenfranchised the Jewish people, as even David Ben-Gurion admits in his Memoirs.

But let us probe deeper. If Moshe Rabbenu is the paradigm of Jewish leadership, then anyone who lusts to become Israel’s prime minister is not qualified for the job. That’s why I have urged the formation of a small team of people representing diverse professions and sections of Israeli society to recruit a person possessing the wherewithal to galvanize the nation on behalf of a program that will empower the people and preserve Israel’s national and territorial integrity.

It seems this is a pipe dream. Which may also be said of the idea that the big brass in the IDF will do what the Knesset should have done when Olmert botched the Second War in Lebanon.