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Violations of the Interim Agreement—and Questions

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Violations of the Interim Agreement
Reported by the Netanyahu Government

Reference: Prime Minister’s Report—Volume 2, Number 10, April, 21 1998


A. The Interim Agreement

  1. According to the September 28, 1995 Interim Agreement (”Oslo 2″), the Palestinian Authority (PA) may deploy at this stage up to 24,000 Policemen in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza (Annex I, Article IV (3)).

  2. The accord also requires the PA to submit a list of all potential police recruits to Israel for approval (Annex I, Article IV(4)).

  3. In the Note for the Record attached to the January 15, 1997 Hebron Protocol, the PA reaffirmed its commitment that the “Size of Palestinian Police will be pursuant to the Interim Agreement.”


B. The Violations

  1. In violation of the Interim Agreement, the PA has deployed 40,000 Policemen, exceeding the limit set in the Oslo Accords by 16,000, or 66%.

  2. According to the Oslo Accords, the PA must submit a list of all police recruits to Israel to forestall the possibility that members of terrorist groups will join the PA security services. The PA has thus far submitted only 18,400 names. Hence, 21,600 Palestinian Policemen, or 54% of the total force, have not been approved by Israel.

  3. On March 31, 1998, PA Finance Minister Muhammad Nashashibi presented the 1998 budget to the Palestinian Legislative Council, which included outlays for the salaries of 40,000 Palestinian Policemen (Associated Press, March 31, 1998).

  4. The bloated size of the Palestinian police is particularly evident when one compares it with other police forces, as the following two tables indicate:

    Table 1

    Comparison of Size of Israel Police and Palestinian Police

    Israel (population 5,925,000) 25,082 policemen
    PA (population 2,400,000) 40,000 policemen
    Israel: One Policeman per every 236 residents
    PA: One Policeman per every 60 residents

    Table 1 shows that while Israel’s population is more than three times greater than the number of Palestinians living in PA-controlled areas, the Palestinian Police is 60% larger than the Israel Police.


    Table 2

    The Ratio of Policemen per 1,000 Residents in the PA, Israel, and Various European Countries (based on Interpol figures)

    Entity/Country Number of Policemen Per 1,000 Residents
    PA 16.7
    Spain 4.5
    Israel 4.2
    France 4.0
    Belgium 3.4
    Germany 3.2
    Switzerland 2.0

    As the table indicates, the ratio of Policemen per 1,000 Residents in the PA is four times greater than the ratio in Israel or in various European countries.



  1. Why did the Netanyahu Government (as well as successive Israeli governments) ignore the PA’s deployment of a number of “policemen” far in excess than that specified by the Interim Agreement?

  2. Did any of these so-called policemen commit acts of terrorism or collaborate with terrorists?

  3. Why do Israeli governments continue to make agreements with the PA—such as releasing terrorists—despite the failure to the PA to abide by the Interim Agreement?

  4. Why do Israeli governments disburse or transfer tens millions of dollars to the PA despite the latter’s countless violations of the Oslo Agreement?

  5. Why have Israeli governments failed to make any demands on the PA or inflict penalties for PA violations of any agreement?