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Israel Versus Democrats and Despots

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To grasp the world-historical significance of the conflict between Israel and democratic nations now allied with Arab despots, one must identify the great question that has confronted the architects of Western thought since the 16th century: the G-d question.

It was this question that preoccupied the fathers of the secular state: Machiavelli, Hobbes, Spinoza, Rousseau, Marx. It was they who undermined the Biblical tradition and removed religion from the domain of truth. These were the real legislators of the contemporary mind. It was they who educated the educators who now dominate the colleges and universities of the democratic world.

These political philosophers provided the ideological foundations for the separation of religious and public law. It was their mode of thought that permeated the political Zionists who established the secular State of Israel. And now their post-Zionist descendants, under U.S. auspices, are exchanging the Land of Israel to the Arabs for the pottage of “peace.”

Meanwhile, Israel’s secular nationalists, in the Likud, for example. are powerless to prevent this insane treachery, for they, too, have been emasculated by a spiritually vacuous, territorial Zionism. They not only failed to develop an authentic Jewish state based on the Law-Giving on Sinai, but they also failed to confront the Arab-Israel conflict as a religious or metapolitical one. As one Arab commentator put it: “The propagandists of secularism, who leave out of account the religious factor in the Palestine problem, ignore the fact that this is the only bone of contention in the world which has persisted for thirty centuries …”

Unlike our intellectually stagnant secular nationalists, most Arab nationalists take religion seriously. They abhor those who reduce religion to “faith” and thereby separate religion from truth and public law. They reject as insolent and shallow secularists who draw boundaries around G-d’s commandments and say to Him: “Up to this point, You are sovereign, but beyond these bounds begins the sovereignty of the state.”

Unfortunately, many religious Jews are guilty of a similar error. By turning their backs on the state, they made it easier for Israel’s secular politicians and judges to deJudaize public law. Meanwhile, other religionists, or their parties, succumbed to the corruption of politics. They used the Torah for the sake of politics instead of using politics power for the sake of Torah. Hence they supported the secular policy of “Jewish-land-for-peace,” knowing full well, from basic Jewish sources as well as from 1,300 years of history, that war, not peace, is the modus operandi of the Arab-Islamic world.

When Moslems speak of Israel as an outpost of American cultural imperialism, they rightly attribute the moral decay in America to the separation of religion and public law—which is precisely the aim of Israeli politicians, Left and Right.

The separation of religion and public law inevitably led to the separation of morality and politics and the liberation of man’s acquisitive instincts, as may be seen in the utter corruption of men in high office. Admittedly, this development facilitated the growth of capitalism and the scientific conquest of nature. But the West has paid an enormous price for its material progress. The shopping center has become the church of the secular democratic state. Hedonism abounds, along with crime and drug addiction, loveless sex and the disintegration of the family.

Now, if we view the Arab-Israel conflict in this light, it may be argued that the Arab world, animated by force and fraud, is only fulfilling an historical function, namely, to reveal the impotence and decadence of the secular and pseudo-democratic State of Israel. While the United States and the West boast of the success of democracy, every democracy is wallowing in corruption. President Bill Clinton, an utter rake, personifies democracy’s success and corruption.

Without denying the blessings of democracy, its two cardinal principles, freedom and equality, do not and cannot of themselves provide any standards of moral and intellectual excellence. Let us be candid. What is there in these two principles of democracy that has made youth modest and respectful of parents and teachers, or magnified wisdom and righteousness in the chambers of government?

Hence the need for a Torah revolution backed by science. Today scientists in Israel and abroad are engaged revealing that the Torah, is infinitely more than a “faith,” but an all-comprehensive truth system and the paradigm of how man should live.

Not until the Jewish people regain their national self-confidence, not until they recognize the Torah as the ultimate source of truth and justice—not until then will we have a government in Israel with the courage and wisdom to overcome the forces of darkness that threaten to engulf us and mankind.