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Few people really understand why Israel, despite its superior military forces, is retreating to her precarious 1949 armistice lines. Before discussing this strange phenomenon, let us review the stages of Israel’s shrinkage or capitulation.

The first shrinkage of Israel was made by Prime Minister Menachem Begin in the Camp David Agreement of September 1978. Begin, a vaunted nationalist, signed away the Sinai to Egypt, a military dictatorship. He also compromised retention of Judea and Samaria by referring to their Arab inhabitants as a “people”—in fact rival Arab clans from diverse countries of the Middle East. Begin ignored this fact, in consequence of which Israel has become a pariah.

The second shrinkage of Israel was made by Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in the Israel-PLO Agreement of September 1993. Contrary to his June 1992 election campaign, Rabin virtually surrendered Judea and Samaria to the PLO, a criminal organization cited as such in Israeli law. He even opened negotiations with Syria, a terrorist state, to give away the Golan Heights. Rabin violated his word, reason, as well as the law.

The third shrinkage of Israel was made by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the Wye River Summit of 1998. There he agreed to yield 40 percent of Judea and Samaria to Yasser Arafat, a bloody murderer. (He had already yielded 80 percent of Hebron to that murderer.)

The fourth shrinkage of Israel was made by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who campaigned against Labor’s policy of “disengagement” from Gaza in the 2003 election, but who nonetheless implemented that policy in 2005 by expelling 8,000 Jews from their homes. Today this criminal policy is being pursued by the Olmert/Livni government which is disarming, deceiving, and demoralizing hundreds of thousands of Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.

Why this perfidious policy of retreat, unprecedented in the annals of history? Why has Israel, despite her superior military power, surrendered strategically important land to thugs? This land—the birthright of the Jewish people—was not only regained in June 1967 in a war of self-defense, but even Dr. Stephen M. Schwebel, a former Legal Adviser of the American State Department, affirmed shortly thereafter that Israel has a legal claim to this land.

If this were not enough, the American Joint Chiefs of Staff acknowledged that the Judean and Samarian hills, the Golan Heights, and even parts of the Sinai were essential for Israel’s security.

Why, indeed, have various Israeli governments regarded this land as expendable—land which so many Jews yearned for, fought for, and died for? What is it that compels Israeli governments to yield this Jewish patrimony to Arab despots who have used this land only to wage war against the Jewish people?

The conventional answer is Israel’s yearning for peace on the one hand, and American pressure on the other. Too simple.

Anwar Sadat had a deeper understanding. Shortly after his Jerusalem visit of November 1977 he declared, “Fear is the second layer of skin of every Israeli or Jew.” This suggests that Israel is retreating to her 1949 borders because Jews are dominated by the fear of violent death. If so, Israel’s desire for peace would merely be a facade for the cravenness of her ruling elites—as would their yielding to American pressure. We may go even deeper.

Almost any normal person fears violent death. But for Jews to surrender part of their homeland to avoid violent death suggests that, contrary to Muslims, they regard violent death as the greatest evil. Obviously, those who deem violent death as the greatest evil will seek peace at any price. But only craven fools would expect to obtain genuine peace by yielding land to war-loving Arab-Islamic despots. Arabs can’t live in peace with each other, much less with Jews. The vast majority of Israel’s own Arab citizens have openly rejected Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign state!

This being the case, to say that fear of violent death is that which underlies Israel’s withdrawal to the 1949 “Auschwitz” lines is insufficient. To abject fear one must add a pathological state of mind. The critics of Israel’s policy of “land for peace” are merely dealing with the symptom of a disease without affecting the root cause of that disease.

Operating in Israel is metaphysically induced stupidity and madness. (See Isaiah 44:24-25.) The basic reason why Israel is withdrawing to her 1949 borders is that this so-called Jewish state has relied on everything but G-d for its salvation: military power, the United States, democratic sympathies, territory, Arab recognition, and, most idiotic, the pacification of Islam by the promise of economic prosperity.

Not a single political or religious party has come to grips with the one thing needful, to bring G-d back into the domain of statecraft. The G-d of Israel has simply been ignored, and this is precisely why Jews are so fearful and so bewildered. Nothing else can rationally explain Israel’s inane and insane withdrawal to her indefensible 1949 borders.

Secular dominated politics cannot prevent Israel’s retreat to her 1949 borders, especially against resurgent Islamic imperialism. It is precisely because Israel’s political parties have focused almost exclusively on security-cum-territory that Israel has never been more insecure and is losing more and more territory. Secularists lack the zeal and stamina to win a protracted war against Islam. And none dare call the enemy evil.

Anyone who thinks that the secular-designed and secular-led government of Israel can prevent the demise of this country is a dimwitted dogmatist that has placed man above G-d.