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More Police Brutality in Israel

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by Paul Eidelberg and Eleonora Shifrin

I. A Pogrom in Hebron

According to a report by Dr. Aryeh Itzhaki, Woman-in-Green chairlady Nadia Matar has been seriously wounded in the clashes between border police special forces and defenders of “Shalom House” in Hebron.

Since the moment the soldiers broke into the building, it became apparent that they had received orders to “neutralize” Nadia Matar and Daniela Weiss, the two heroic female leaders of the resistance movement, who were sitting together at the moment. Nadia, who is younger, tried to shield Daniela with her own body and thus received the first and most severe blow.

Witnesses testify that Nadia, mother of six, was severely beaten with clubs all over her body by a group of border police.

She has been evacuated to Shaarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem where she is undergoing examinations for a suspected spinal trauma.

It has also been reported that the operation against the “Shalom House” in Hebron—a house of which Jews have verified legal title—was executed by mercenaries, i.e., policemen who were specially recruited into police force and trained to act against the Jewish population.

A very high percentage of these mercenaries are non-Jewish Russian émigrés. They were previously used in forced evacuation of Jews from Gush Katif and Amona.

In conversation with the Russian Arutz-7 reporter, their commander, German Averbuch, said they “were delighted” to participate in this operation and that it was “a real pleasure”.


II. What Should be Done?

Two press conferences should be held, one in Jerusalem, the other in New York, to expose the details the Hebron pogrom as well as its underlying political motives. The Jerusalem press conference should precede the New York press conference. A paper about the “Shalom House” issue should be distributed to those attending the conferences.

At least three eminent Israelis should speak at the Jerusalem press conference, for example, Attorney Yoram Sheftel, former MK Elyakim Haetzni, and Hebron resident Rabbi Eliezer Waldman.

At least three eminent Americans should speak at the New York press conference, for example, Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Assemblyman Dov Hikind, and Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler.

One last word: A rephua shleima to Israel’s gallant heroine, Nadia Matar.