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Facing the Truth

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Extreme situations, such as that now confronting Israel, require extreme measures. This is why I wrote “The IDF: A Politician’s Army.” Israel faces the threat of Total Annihilation from Iran, or piecemeal destruction from Hamas and Fatah, either one of which may obtain more lethal weapons.

Israel’s present government is utterly incapable of dealing with this threat. (more…)


Israeli Versus Arab Leaders

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Unlike many Israeli leaders, who never tire of expressing their desire for “peace,” Arab leaders profess a desire for “peace and justice.” To this extent, these Arabs seems to stand on a higher moral level than their Israeli counterparts.

Also, Arab spokesmen frequently invoke the name of G-d in their quest to gain control of “Palestine,” i.e. the Land of Israel. Even if these Arabs have murder in their hearts, their appeal to G-d sanctifies His name and thereby furthers the Arab cause vis-à-vis Israel whose current leaders are unabashed secularists, not to say atheists.

These words may disturb some readers, but they go to the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict. (more…)


What Must Be Done To Save Israel: A Sequel

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I have been asked to elaborate on my article “What Must Be Done To Save Israel.”

When I speak of a team of professionals forming an “alternative government,” I mean one whose projected cabinet ministers are housed in Jerusalem and are prepared to exercise political power. However, to dramatize the magnitude of Israel’s precarious situation resulting from the spineless and treacherous character of the Olmert regime, this “alternative government” must organize a “Congress of National Salvation.”

This Congress—I have a working paper for such a Congress—will be animated by one general idea: (more…)


Who Will Win The Third World War: A Question of Deity

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Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, July 16, 2007.

In his classic Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville writes: “There is hardly any human action, however particular it may be, that does not originate in some very general idea men have conceived of the Deity …”

Muslim clerics make this absolutely clear In a sermon delivered at the Qabaa mosque in Al-Madina, Sheikh Abd Al-’Aziz Qari declared: “Two groups—the Jews and the Christians—are the main elements constituting the ‘Camp of Kufur’ [infidels] and will continue to be its two foundations until Allah allows their downfall and annihilation at the end of days…”

In a sermon at a Mecca mosque, Sheikh Adnan Ahmad Siyami said: (more…)


Releasing Terrorists: A Postscript

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The government’s releasing terrorists as good will gestures to Muslims and Arabs has never brought Israel or the world one step closer to peace. To the contrary, such gestures reward terrorists and therefore encourage terrorism everywhere.

The only way to deal with terrorists is to punish them—and so severely as as to discourage further acts of terror. (more…)


To Liberate Gilad Shalit

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It has been suggested that Israel’s government issue the following ultimatum to Hamas:

Return Gilad Shalit unharmed to Israel or we shall cease supplying Gaza with fuel and electricity.

This suggestion should be carefully weighed vis-a-vis current efforts to obtain Shalit’s release. (more…)


Dwelling in Denial

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See the final paragraph (highlighted) of Prof. Inbar’s article (below) before reading my critique.

Does Professor Inbar really believe that any Arab state or combination of Arab states can solve the existential problem of the Jewish state?

1) No less than Daniel Pipes recently and belatedly realized that Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt has been a failure. In addition to its rabid anti-Semitic media, Egypt has for years facilitated the arming of Arab terrorists in Gaza.

2) As for Jordan, it remains a capital offense in that country to sell property to Jews. Besides, Jordan, whose own survival depends on Israel, has nonetheless provided at least moral support for the terrorism perpetrated against Israel by the PLO-Palestinian Authority. (more…)

The Golan Heights and The Syrian Snake Ceremony—Postscript

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Why has Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “suddenly” opened up backdoor channels to Syria offering to surrender the Golan Heights to that terrorist state?

The Bush administration let it be known, however, that it does not want Israel to negotiate with Syria. This is a cover-up. (more…)

The Golan Heights and The Syrian Snake Ceremony

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s willingness to surrender the strategically important Golan Heights to Syria is the most recent example of the Left’s contempt for Jewish public opinion. The present writer recalls various polls taken before the June 1992 election, when overwhelming public majorities of 80 to 90 percent opposed any withdrawal from the Golan Heights.

In that election, the Labor Party’s official platform proclaimed: “Israel sees in the Golan Heights an area of great importance for its security, its safety and the ensuring of its water resources, even in times of peace. (more…)



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Whereas Prime Minister Olmert is willing to yield the Golan Heights to Syria, a despotic regime;

Whereas the Golan Height belongs as a matter of right to the Jewish People;

Whereas surrendering the Golan Heights would violate the inalienable right of its Jewish inhabitants; (more…)


A Breath of Fresh Air from France

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The election of Nocolas Sarkozy as president of France is a breath of fresh air. His center-right UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) may be just what France needs to overcome its present malaise.

Sarkozy maintains that France’s political elites have failed their country by refusing to face reality and to institute necessary forms. He advocates a return to more traditional values. (more…)


Wiping Israel off the Map

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In response to my article “An Exercise in Political Logic,” a reader asked a question especially appropriate for Passover: “How different is it between the President of Iran saying he will wipe Israel off the map and Bush continuously sending [Secretary of State Condoleezza] Rice to Israel to nag [the Israeli government] to give up one piece of land after another?”

It’s an old story. The nations have ever sought to wipe Israel—really the Torah—off the map, but they have done so in different ways. (more…)


An Unreliable Alliance

Speaking before a gathering of the National Religious Party (NRP) activists, Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu lent some credence to rumors of a potential alliance of the Likud and the NRP-National Union (NU) Knesset factions.

Mr. Netanyahu is quoted as saying: “We firmly believe in the triangle [connecting] the Land of Israel, the People of Israel and the Torah of Israel… That is a clear point of agreement; that must be the platform of the next government, so that it will form the basis for the value system of every boy and girl in Israel, which will withstand great storms.” (Emphasis added) (more…)


A Perfidious Ruling of Israel’s Supreme Court

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On December 12, 2006, Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled that Palestinian residents of the “West Bank” and Gaza could file lawsuits against Israel for damages incurred in IDF operations, provided that the operations in question did not take place as part of a clearly defined “war.”

The court ignored or trivialized the fact that the elected leaders of these Palestinians, consistent with their PLO Constitution, are explicitly waging a relentless war against Israel. (more…)


A Brief Commentary on Israeli Intelligence

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On Wednesday, October 18, 2006, IMRA (Independent Media Review and Analysis) reported the following:

Brigadier General (Res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, who was the research chief for military intelligence until four months ago, told Hatsofeh, in an interview to be published on Friday, October 20:

“Before the withdrawal we expected weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip, but we didn’t expect the volume. We really didn’t expect the huge quantities.”



The Right Question: Return the Golan?

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by Dr. Steve Carol ©

The Golan Heights is a semi-mountainous escarpment of some 451 square miles, ranging in height from 400 to 3,000 feet. It rises steeply from the eastern and northern shores of the Sea of Galilee, runs the length of the Huleh Valley, and overlooks the coastal plains of the Galilee and northern Israel. There is a Jewish connection to the Golan as it is dotted with ancient Jewish villages and synagogues.

In 1948, Syria joined with other Arab states in an aggressive attack against the newly re-established State of Israel. (more…)


The Hidden Causes of the Lebanese War

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A. The Basic and Hidden Cause of the War

Introduction: Former Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya’alon has stated the obvious: Israel’s retreat from Gaza in the south incited Hezbollah to attack Israel in the north and therefore triggered the Lebanese War. This touches only the surface of things. We must ask: “What led to Israel’s retreat?

1. First item: recall that Labor’s policy of “unilateral disengagement” from Gaza was the paramount issue of the January 2003 election. The parties that opposed this policy won 84 seats—70% of the Knesset’s 120-membership! The Likud alone won 38 seats, while Labor won only 19—the lowest ever for that party. Clearly, a vast majority of the public rejected Labor’s policy. (more…)


The Price of Terror—Proportionality Reconsidered

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Introducing Tom Carew

Dear Friends:

The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy is proud to announce that Tom Carew of Dublin, Ireland has joined the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Tom and I were in almost daily e-mail correspondence during the war in Lebanon, and I learned much from his incisive comments.

As a Philosophy and Classics graduate of the National University of Ireland, Tom not only has a keen interest in Ethics, but he is also a profound student of Irish, European, Israeli and especially Military History.

He is a member of the Ireland-Israel Friendship League as well of Friends of the IDF. Also noteworthy is his experience campaigning against the terror activities of the Provisional IRA. (more…)


Israel’s Terminal Illness

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by Joseph Farah
Courtesy of WorldNetDaily

We’ve all known brave soldiers who fought courageously in multiple conflicts only to succumb to lingering and debilitating illnesses years later.

Likewise, history tells us of nations that never lost a battle in combat only to die because they lost their sense of purpose, their will to survive.

I think that’s what is happening in Israel today. I think the Jewish state is terminally ill. (more…)


Toward a Serious War Process

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Not to minimize the loss of Jewish lives and property, but Israel’s latest round with Hezbollah is a blessing in disguise, for revealed not merely the inept and craven character of Israel’s government. What is even more important in the long run: the war revealed—more clearly than ever, and especially to the United States—that the enemy is not merely “militant Islam” (a tautology) but ISLAM per se.

Stated another way: A lot of American policy-makers and opinion-makers know more clearly than ever that the U.S. is in the midst of World War III, and that the enemy is more dangerous than Nazi Germany. (more…)

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