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Speculations Regarding Obama

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After reading “Israel Insider” commentary (below) regarding Barack Obama, ponder the following speculations:

If Obama has Islamic inclinations and wins the 2008 presidential election:

  1. It may multiply the number of mosques in the United States.
  2. It may increase the number of Muslims immigrating to the United States.
  3. It may increase the number of Muslims in key position in government, especially the State Department.
  4. It may increase the number of Hezbollah and other Islamic “sleeper cells.”
  5. It may diminished freedom of speech and press by suppressing criticism of Islam. (more…)


Needed: The Courage to Name and Confront the Enemy

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The following, apart from the three concluding paragraphs, is extracted from my book A Jewish Philosophy of History ( [2006]).

Muslims have never had any doubts about the conflict between Islam and the West. They have always divided the world into the territory of Dar al-Islam, where Islam reigns, and the territory of Dar al-Harb, where infidels reign, but which the Sharia requires Muslims to conquer in the name of Allah.

Islam’s division of humanity suggests to Lee Harris [Civilization and Its Enemies] that Islam is the enemy of civilization [per se]. By civilization he means a standard that can be applied across cultures and across history. He sees civilization as having four prerequisites: a stable social order, the co-operation of individuals pursuing their own interests, the ability to tolerate or socialize with one’s neighbors, and a hatred of violence. Clearly, Islam lacks three of the four prerequisites of Harris’ view of a civilization. What is remarkable is that Dr. Wafa Sultan, a Syrian-born psychiatrist living in America, arrived at the same conclusion. She denied there was clash between the West and Islamic civilization because, in her words, Islam is not a civilization! (more…)


Naming the Enemy

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Comment on the article “The Enemy Has a Name” by Daniel Pipes.

With all due respect to Daniel Pipes, and although I understand his reticence, it is not sufficient to classify the enemy as “Islamism.” Islamism is nothing less than Islam. The Quran, the Hadith, and Islam’s murderous history make this crystal clear. But consider the judgment of two astute scholar-statesmen of uncommon urbanity:

Alexis de Tocqueville:

I studied the Quran a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad. So far as I can see, it is the principal cause of the decadence so visible today in the Muslim world and, though less absurd than the polytheism of old, its social and political tendencies are in my opinion more to be feared, and I therefore regard it as a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in relation to paganism itself.

Winston Churchill said as much in 1899, but with chilling significance for Europe today: (more…)


Obama Cloaked by Media

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This is a must read.
Terrorists’ Crossing (Paperback) by Rich Carroll

Courtesy of Two Sisters from the Right.

The Jihad Candidate

by Rich Carroll

Conspiracy theories make for interesting novels when the storyline is not so absurd that it can grasp our attention. ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ and ‘Seven Days in May’ are examples of plausible chains of events that captures the reader’s imagination at best-seller level. ‘What if’ has always been the solid grist of fiction.

Get yourself something cool to drink, find a relaxing position, but before you continue, visualize the television photos of two jet airliners smashing into the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan and remind yourself this cowardly act of Muslim terror was planned for eight years.

How long did it take Islam and their oil money to find a candidate for President of the United States? (more…)


Fitzgerald on Obama

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By Hugh Fitzgerald
Courtesy of Jihad Watch

What Obama Has to Do Now

The promise by Obama in his AIPAC speech to “personally” take part in a renewal of Israeli-”Palestinian” negotiations is worrisome. Very. It should fill everyone with anxiety. For everything about Obama until now—the people he has allowed to tell him all about “Palestine” (Rashid Khalidi), the people who were his early financial backers (Anton Rezko, who in turn is backed by an Iraqi billionaire), his early political backers (Rev. Wright, possibly Louis Farrakhan), his choice of foreign-policy advisers (Zbigniew Brezezinski, and Samantha Powers), his endorsement by Jimmy Carter, all point in one direction.

And his endorsement of one undivided capital is “just words,” until we see exactly what he means by this. And he should be asked. Does he mean Jerusalem as the Israelis now define it, and include the Old City? And what else does he mean? (more…)


What More is There to Say?

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What is the one grim fact that Israel has to overcome if it is to survive?

That the murder of Jews by Arab terrorists has become a banality.


Hatred, Arab Style

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First published in December, 1994; Postscript added 2008.

When reservist Shmuel Meiri was attacked by Arabs in Ramallah on December 14, 1994, the photographs taken of the faces of his assailants convey a hatred of visceral and demonic proportions. To appreciate how much Moslems hate Jews, consider first what Moslem Chechens think and feel about Russians.

Writing on the subject in The New York Times (December 18, 1994), Steven Erlanger quotes two celebrated Russian authors, Tolstoi and Lermontov. Tolstoi writes of the Russian destruction of a Chechen village: “The emotion felt by every Chechen, old and young, was stronger than hatred. It was not hatred, it was a refusal to recognize these Russian dogs as men at all, and a feeling of such disgust [and] revulsion … that the urge to destroy them, like the urge to destroy rats, venomous spiders, or wolves, ִwas an instinct as natural as self-preservation.”

Lermontov summarized the Chechen in the Russian imagination this way: “Their god is freedom, their law is war … Their hatred is as boundless as their love.” That this boundless hatred describes the feelings of Muslims toward Jews is evident in the faces of those Arabs who attacked Shmuel Meiri. (more…)



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Stupidity is distinct from irrationality because stupidity denotes an incapability or unwillingness to properly consider the relevant information.

Those who support the policy of “land for peace” or a “two state” solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict suffer from ethnocentrism—a polite term for stupidity. They do not see that offering Muslims land-for-peace is tantamount to expecting them to renounce their religion.

It probably does not occur to American commentators—including such intelligent commentators like Charles Krauthammer and Norman Podhoretz, who supported “unilateral disengagement” from Gaza—that Israel’s ruling elites are stupid. (more…)


Absolute Idolatry

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Submitted by Prof. Paul Eidelberg, May 5, 2008 to the Daniel Pipes Blog.

The basic issue is not whether there are “Muslim Moderates” but whether Islamic texts—the Quran and the Hadith—foster the murder of non-Muslims. I therefore offer my article “Monotheistic Idolatry.”

View original article, “Responding to Joshua Muravchik about ‘Moderate Islamists’”, by Daniel Pipes.


Monotheistic Idolatry

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On September 11, 2001, nineteen Muslim terrorists hijacked four American passenger planes and flew them into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania killing 3,000 innocent men, women, and children. This horrendous act of murder was cheered by Muslims throughout the world. What shall we say of the religion of these people? Is there no essential or inevitable connection between the teachings of Islam and the deeds of believers?

Perhaps the most profound and disturbing insights into the nature of Islam, or at least of what is called “Islamism,” appeared in an essay of Professor Kenneth Hart Green published earlier this year. The essay is entitled “Leo Strauss’ Challenge to Emil Fackenheim: Heidegger, Radical Historicism, and Diabolical Evil.” The essay is one of a collection edited by S. Portnoff, J.A. Diamond, and M.D. Yaffe, Emil L. Fackenheim: Philosopher, Theologian, Jew, (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2008).

One of the problems of Green’s essay concerns Martin Heidegger, deemed by many as the greatest philosopher of the twentieth century. Heidegger not only joined the Nazi Party but never regretted it. How is one to explain such a monstrous thing: that a philosopher, especially of Heidegger’s rank, could associate himself with diabolical evil? Is there something in his philosophy that links him to such evil? (more…)


Churchill, the Jews, and the Arabs

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Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, April 28, 2008.

Since anti-Semitism is sweeping cross England and Europe, I want to read some passages from England’s greatest statesman, Winston Churchill, who, more than any other man, saved England Europe from Nazi tyranny.

I propose to read passages from Churchill’s official biographer Sir Martin Gilbert, whose recent book, Churchill & the Jews (2007) is fascinating.

Before I begin, I want to point out that Churchill was first and foremost a British statesman, and his duties as a British statesmen must be taken into account in any assessment one makes of his attitude toward Jews and Palestine.

Despite the anti-Zionist attitude of many of his Conservative Party colleagues, Churchill was steadfast in his support of the Jews, as Gilbert thoroughly documents. (more…)


What Paralyzes America as Well as Israel

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For those of you who have received, either from me or another source, the video of Newt Gingrich on the failure of any public official to warn Americans of the existential threat Islam poses to their country, you may be interested in reading the updated version of Chapter 5 of Demophrenia: Israel and the Malaise of Democracy appended below. If you substitute “America” for “Israel” you will discover that both countries are suffering from the same mental and fatal disorder.

Unless I am mistaken, Mr. Gingrich will soon address the American Enterprise Institute on the subject he discusses in the aforementioned video. He is puzzled and dismayed by the intellectual and moral paralysis prevailing in America vis-à-vis the Islamic threat. That paralysis is a consequence of “demophrenia.”



If in life we are surrounded by death, so too in the health of our intellect, we are surrounded by madness.

    —Ludwig Wittgenstein, Notebook on Culture and Value, 1944


From its inception in 1948, the government of Israel, regardless of which party or coalition was at the helm, has been afflicted by "demophrenia." (more…)


Beneath the Fear of Democracy

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Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, April 7, 2008.

Part I

In Caroline Glick’s article “Fear of Democracy” (The Jerusalem Post, April 4), we learn that the UN’s Human Rights Counsel instructed its expert on freedom of expression to report to the Council on all instances in which individuals “abuse” their freedom of speech by giving expression to racial or religious bias. Since Egypt and Pakistan proposed this resolution, it was surely intended to stifle criticism of Islam.

This attempt to stifle freedom of expression, as Glick observes, violates Article 19 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

The European members of the Council failed to oppose an Islamic inspired resolution that violates, as Glick says, “one of the most basic tenets of Western civilization.” (more…)



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Courtesy of Guardian Media News and Media Ltd.
By Ian Traynor in The Observer, Sunday February 17 2008.

‘I don’t hate Muslims. I hate Islam,’ says Holland’s rising political star Geert Wilders, the popular MP whose film on Islam has fuelled the debate on race in Holland, wants an end to mosque building and Muslim immigration. Ian Traynor met him in The Hague

A TV addict with bleached hair who adores Maggie Thatcher and prefers kebabs to hamburgers, Geert Wilders has got nothing against Muslims. He just hates Islam. Or so he says. ‘Islam is not a religion, it’s an ideology,’ says Wilders, a lanky Roman Catholic right-winger, ‘the ideology of a retarded culture.’

The Dutch politician, who sees himself as heir to a recent string of assassinated or hounded mavericks who have turned Holland upside down, has been doing a crash course in Koranic study. (more…)


The War Against Judaism From Within

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A war is being waged against Judaism. The war is being fought on many fronts and by different enemies. But the most dangerous enemy is the government of Israel. Here I leave aside the government’s intention to withdraw from Judea and Samaria and divide Jerusalem.

Israel’s government employs many weapons in its war against Judaism. Dominated by multiculturalists, by merely nominal Jews, the government not only diminished the funding of education for religious education, but also altered the curriculum of public schools to degrade Zionism on the one hand, and to obscure the militant nature of Arab-Islamic culture on the other.

This short-sighted and frivolous government has also adopted policies to facilitate the immigration of gentiles and enable them to obtain “quick-fix” conversions. Even more pernicious is Israel’s Supreme Court, which has imported American jurisprudence to degrade Israel. The court has issued rulings that violate Shabbat and foster homosexuality and gay marriages—rulings that undermine the family, the heart of Judaism. (more…)

The Israel-Egypt “Peace” Treaty

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From Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall (2000) by
Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Proud of their heritage, Moslems regard … Israel as an outpost of Western decadence. Erasing this state from the map of the Middle East is a political and religious imperative. Although Moslems differ as to how and when this is to be done, their ultimate goal is the same. Anwar Sadat put it this way in an interview with al-Anwar on June 22, 1975: “The effort of our generation is to return to the 1967 borders. Afterward the next generation will carry the responsibility.” Nor is this all.

In a New York Times interview dated October 19, 1980, Sadat boasted: “Poor Menachem [Begin], he has his problems … After all, I got back … the Sinai and the Alma oil fields, and what has Menachem got? A piece of paper.” (more…)


A Coward for Prime Minister

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The above title is identical to that used in an article written by Jerusalem Post analyst Caroline Glick on June 21, 2005, when Ariel Sharon was Israel’s prime minister. The title surely applies to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who told a New York audience “we are tired of being courageous”—this, on June 9, 2005, when he was Vice Prime Minister.

Olmert’s mindless self-incrimination reveals more than meets the eye. It means that he and his cowardly colleagues want to surrender to Arab terrorists—of course under the façade of seeking “peace.” The trouble is that unlike Israel’s ruling elites, Arabs are willing to fight and die—and go on fighting and dying—to achieve their ultimate objective—Israel’s annihilation.

This is the true story of Israel’s mendacious peace process. Very much the same story is leading to Islam’s conquest of Europe. Yes, and this Big Lie of the Middle East facilitates and hastens Islam’s proclaimed objective, the conquest of America. (more…)


First They Came for Piglet: Excessive Deference to Islam

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by Mark Steyn
Courtesy of National Review Online

My favorite headline of the year so far comes from The Daily Mail in Britain: “Government Renames Islamic Terrorism As ‘Anti-Islamic Activity’ To Woo Muslims.”

Her Majesty’s government is not alone in feeling it’s not always helpful to link Islam and the, ah, various unpleasantnesses with suicide bombers and whatnot. Even in his cowboy Crusader heyday, President Bush liked to cool down the crowd with a lot of religion-of-peace stuff. But the British have now decided that kind of mealy-mouthed “respect” is no longer sufficient. So, henceforth, any terrorism perpetrated by persons of an Islamic persuasion will be designated “anti-Islamic activity” Britain’s home secretary, Jacqui Smith, unveiled the new brand name in a speech a few days ago. “There is nothing Islamic about the wish to terrorize, nothing Islamic about plotting murder, pain and grief,” she told her audience. “Indeed, if anything, these actions are anti-Islamic.”

Well, yes, one sort of sees what she means. (more…)


Obama, the Muslim Thing, And Why It Matters

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Courtesy of Arutz Sheva

by Pamela Geller

The thing is, you can’t be a leader and not know what Islam means. The average Joe pumping gas on Route 66—okay, not on top of the issue. But there is no way you can be running for President and not know the hell being wreaked on the free and not-so-free world by Islamic jihad.

That said, Barack Obama went to a madrassa in Jakarta. A madrassa in a Muslim country. Whether he was devout or secular, he knows what was taught. He knows what is in the Koran. Even if he is ambiguous, he knows the stakes involved. His father was a Muslim who took three wives (without divorcing). His stepfather and close members of his family are devout Muslims. Not an unimportant influence.

Every Muslim who left Islam is very definitive about leaving and why. They are quite vocal—Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Walid Shoebat, Elijah Abraham, etc. If he left Islam, Obama must have very definite thoughts about it. (more…)


Hamas’ Covenant of Death

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Now that President Shimon Peres, the erstwhile champion of PLO chief Yasser Arafat, has conveyed a willingness to negotiate with Hamas leader Ismail Haniya, let us review the Hamas Covenant of Death.

Officially known as “The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement,” the Covenant begins: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it…” This document articulates the true nature of the war now being waged against Israel, and not only by the Arabs in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

The Covenant refers to these Arabs as but a single “squadron” of the “vast Islamic world.” “Our struggle against the Jews is very great,” and this struggle will go on “until the enemy is vanquished and Allah’s victory is realized.”

The Covenant also refers to the Islamic Resistance Movement as “one of the wings of [the] Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.” (more…)

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