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Assimilation: Its Basic Causes

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“Are American Jews Disappearing?” is the lead article in a recent issue of the magazine New York. One could readily substitute “French” or “English” Jews in the title, for assimilation and intermarriage are widespread throughout the Diaspora. Prominent Jews were interviewed, but none seems to have explored the basic causes of Jewish assimilation in America.

Inasmuch as assimilation is most rampant among college graduates, the first basic cause should be obvious, namely, the doctrine of cultural relativism that has long dominated American education. Students immersed in the social sciences or in the humanities are taught that religion is not a matter of objective truth but of cultural conditioning or of personal preference. It follows that Judaism is no more valid than any another religion. Hence why be Jewish? (more…)

The Lachrymose Conception of Jewish History

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Despite the fact that Abraham, the father of the Jewish people, was a warrior as were Joshua, Gideon, Samson, and King David above all, Jewish history during the last two thousand years has concentrated on the “martyrdom” and intellectual pursuits of the Jews, and not at all on their military exploits. This prompted the eminent Jewish historian Salo W. Baron to coin the title of this article.

Writing in 1951, Professor Baron, who was also a rabbi, notes that we know very little of the military exploits of Judah the Maccabee and his brethren from the talmudic record. “The very festival of Hanukhah was long celebrated only as a religious memorial to the rededication of the temple with some more or less desultory liturgical references to the staunch faith of Mattathias and his sons.” (more…)

What Is A Jewish State?

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Before one can talk intelligently about a Jewish state, we need to define the modern concept of the “state” as well as the term “Jewish.”

A. Definitions

1. The modern concept of the state originates with Machiavelli. The state is solely a product of human will. It is the supreme source of power, the power to make and execute the laws governing men. (more…)

Why Sharon Doesn’t Destroy Arafat

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Sharon does not destroy Arafat because he sees no political solution to the Arab Palestinian problem. And the reason he sees no solution to this problem is because he has, like Israel’s intellectual elites, a democratic mentality. Therein is the core of Israel’s malaise, which hardly anyone has properly explored.

First, let me remind you of Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of the American Congress shortly after his election in May 1996. He baldly declared that there is no “clash of civilizations” in the Middle East. Why did he make this gratuitous and patently fallacious statement? The reason is this. (more…)

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