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How Tyranny Developed in Israel

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The present tyranny in Israel did not begin with Ariel Sharon; he only made it conspicuous by giving his police black shirts and forcibly expelling Jews from Gush Katif. But how did this tyranny begin?

The foundations of tyranny usually develop unseen by most men. But once begun, everyone adds a little to it until it reaches a magnitude obvious to all but fools. (more…)


A Message from David Ben-Gurion

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A Message from David Ben-Gurion to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his judicial collaborator Chief Justice Aharon Barak,

“No Jew is at liberty to surrender the right of the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel to exist. No Jewish body is sanctioned to do so. No Jew alive today has the authority to yield any piece of land whatsoever. This right is preserved by the Jewish People throughout the generations and cannot be forfeited under any circumstance. Even if at some given time there will be those who declare that they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the jurisdiction to negate it for future generations to come. The Jewish Nation is neither obligated by nor responsible for any waiver such as this. Our right to this land, in its entirety, is steadfast, inalienable and eternal. And until the coming of the Great Redemption, we shall never yield this historic right.”
Speech to the 21st Zionist Congress Basel 1937 (more…)

Martin Luther King In Israel

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As I indicated several years ago, as well as very recently, Martin Luther King’s civil disobedience movement (unless supplemented by other measures) is not likely to stop Sharon’s expulsion plan in any part of Israel. To understand why, we must understand the legal and political context which made Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement a success. (more…)


Proclamation & Petition: Sharon Must Resign

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Please disseminate as widely as possible. Sign this as a petition online!

Fellow Citizens and Friends of Israel!

The Land and People of Israel are in great danger. We, who experienced Soviet totalitarianism, and took part in the struggle against tyranny, recognize the familiar signs—the party oligarchy called “Israeli democracy” is turning into a one-man dictatorship—that of Ariel Sharon. (more…)


To Those Responsible for the Expulsion

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To those responsible for the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and Northern Samaria,
—especially to Israel’s Cabinet and to the General Staff of the IDF—
look in your mirrors and ponder the words of Albert Camus:
“To serve falsehood and despotism is the patriotism of the coward.”

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