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Justice, Israeli Style

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The punishment for being an accomplice to murder in Israel is to have one’s residence changed by the Israel Defense Forces! This is justice Israeli style, sanctioned by Israel’s so-called High Court of Justice, judge Aharon Barak presiding. Here are the facts as reported by the IDF Spokesman:

“As part of the effort to confront terror attacks and suicide bombers in particular, the IDF has relocated the brother and sister of Ali Muhammad Ahmed Ajuri to the Gaza Strip, in accordance with the assigned residency decrees whose legality was upheld by Israel’s High Court of Justice.

“Ali Ajuri was responsible for the suicide attack on the eve of Tisha-B’Av (17/07/02) in the central bus station in Tel-Aviv, (more…)

Conditioned to Being Murdered

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[This article was published in The Jewish Press, April 16, 1993. While reading this article, the reader should compare Israel’s present plight under the Sharon-led government of national unity.]

Why has Israel’s government tolerated the murder and maiming of Jews during the intifada [which broke out on December 6, 1987]? Why this policy of permissive subversion?

In the mid-1980s, that is, even before the official date of the intifada, Israeli Arab violence increased in dramatic fashion, including the kidnapping, murder and rape of Jewish men, women, and children, (more…)

Deterring Arab Terrorism

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[Abstracted from an article of the author published in The Jerusalem Post, August 20, 1985.]

Effective deterrence against Arab terrorism will require, among other things, a consistent and unsentimental public policy. Arabs who would slaughter Jews should know in advance that they will be hunted down and, if not killed in pursuit, will be quickly captured, quickly tried and convicted, and severely punished, so that the price they pay [and Israel must not be soft on their accomplices] will not be worth whatever they deem the benefit of their crimes. But this is not enough…. (more…)

Netanyahu’’s Myth of Reciprocity

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Back in February 1997, when Benjamin Natanyahu was Israel’’’s prime minister, I wrote an article in The Jewish Press bearing the above title. Well, here it is, seven years later, and Bibi, to distinguish himself from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Sharon’’s policy of ““unilateral disengagement”” from Gaza, is again flying the banner of ““reciprocity.”” (more…)

Beyond Collective Punishment

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The only ones who suffer collective punishment in the Israel-Palestinian conflict are the Jews. I have in mind not only the Jewish women, men, and children that have been murdered and maimed by Arab suicide bombers—though that’s more than enough. Israel as a whole has suffered collective punishment from Arab barbarism.

Jews can’t ride on a bus, shop at a mall, eat in a restaurant, attend a wedding or bar mitzvah, kids can’t go to school, without fear of a terrorist attack. Arab terror destroys one business after another—years of hard work. People lose their jobs. Parents suffer anxiety. Jews can’t stop worrying whether their country has any future. This is the collective punishment which the Arabs have inflicted upon the Jews of Israel. (more…)

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