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The Courage and Wisdom of Oriana Fallaci

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Oriana Fallaci (RIP)

Day after day, American politicians and diplomats insult our intelligence. They would have us believe that we can make peace with Islam—a political religion whose devotees have slaughtered some 270 million people since the days of Muhammad.

These American politicians and diplomats see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil about a religion whose most admired leader today is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a Muslim who proclaims his vision—a world without America and Israel, a world without Christianity and Judaism.

While he spits in their faces, these American politicians and diplomats are anxious to engage in negotiations with this Hitler of Tehran. They want to dissuade him from developing nuclear weapons, the key to his controlling the oil resources of the Middle East, to cowing decadent Europe, hence, to collapsing the American economy and thereby fulfilling his vision of a world without America.

As I ponder the character of these American politicians and officials, I behold the waning if not the death of reason. This prompts me to speak of a woman who wrote about this subject, a woman, alas, no longer with us, Oriana Fallaci. (more…)