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A Message of Public Interest

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To all the academics, journalists, and other opinion-makers in Israel who say that Israel is a democracy, please enlighten the undersigned by identifying the source from which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu derived the authority to endorse the establishment of any Arab-Islamic state in Judea and Samaria, hence the right to expel, by logical and political necessity, hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes in this heartland of the Jewish people.

On the other hand, if it be said that Israel’s parliament has the authority to enact laws resulting in the expulsion of those Jews, please explain to the undersigned how such laws would not be manifestations of majority tyranny.

Finally, if the Knesset may enact such laws, please explain to the undersigned why academics, journalists, and other opinion-makers boast of Israeli democracy.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg, President
Foundation for Constitutional Democracy


A Desperate Message

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Dear Friends:

Here is an admittedly desperate message.

Please try to make contact, directly or otherwise, with Professor Henry Kissinger and urge him to announce publicly his support of Senator John McCain for President of the United States.

Please do not respond by saying this is far-fetched. Of course, I could mention other notable Americans who know that Barack Obama is not qualified for the office he seeks—as has been said by black ministers who are spreading the truth about the junior senator from Illinois.

I simply ask you to make an effort to get this message to Dr. Kissinger. He certainly knows what is at stake in the November election.

Thank you.
Prof. Paul Eidelberg


Oppose the Saudi-Sponsored “Two-State Solution”

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An Open Letter to all Jewish Organizations that oppose the Saudi sponsored “two-state” solution to the conflict between the Jews of Israel and the Arabs now occupying Judea and Samaria—Jewish land misleadingly called the “West Bank.”

Please obtain membership lists of the organizations [listed in the article, 14 National Groups Endorse Two-State Solution] that support the Saudi Plan. Send them copies of Dr. Daniel Pipes’ article [see link below] and urge them to denounce and resign from the organizations that support that plan—a plan that cannot but lead to the demise of Israel.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg, President
Foundation for Constitutional Democracy
Former officer in the United States Air Force

Dr. Daniel Pipes
The New York Sun
November 21, 2006
“Time To Recognize Failure Of Israel-Egypt Treaty”


US Lecture Tour—March 2008

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Dear Friends:

I am going on a one-month cross-country lecture of the United States during March. Some venues have been settled, some are tentative. My primary topic is “What Can You Do to Save Israel?” Apart from travel expenses, I am not requesting any honorarium for any talk that I may give during this tour. (more…)


Olmert Abandons Israel’s Citizens—A Letter

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Anyone still believe that Israel is a democracy?

But do you see how the myth of Israeli democracy colors Israel’s ruling elites with legitimacy? -P.E.

Contributed by Dov Even-Or

January 6, 2008

Olmert Does Not Protect the Citizens, But Abandons Them to the Mercy of Their Enemies

  1. The government of Ehud Olmert betrays its citizens. My claim is not based on opinions, intentions or analyses made by members of the government, but on its acts and deeds that are committed publicly; therefore this government is illegal, its decisions do not bind, and it is the right of every citizen not to obey them.

    In order to avoid being labeled (right wing, extremist or as representative of certain interests), I will base my opinion only on facts and pure legal analysis.

  2. Lack of protection for the citizens of the Western Negev.

    1. For the past seven years, this area has been targeted by Kassam rockets and fortunately, the number of casualties has been low; (more…)


2007 Year-End Appeal

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The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy

19 Tevet 5768

Dear Friends and Supporters:

As other activists continue the old tired ways, the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy has been the voice for regime change, receiving standing ovations at gatherings such as last month’s New Jewish Congress in Jerusalem. We don’t stage protests or write letters or circulate petitions; we are taking regime change to the People, and you are an essential partner. Every Jew has a voice in what happens to and in the Land of Israel notwithstanding the rejection of your voice by our prime minister when he appeared hat in hand before the nations in Annapolis. “Mind your own business” he said to Diaspora Jewry. But Israel is your business! The Land of Israel belongs to you, your children, and grandchildren, just as it belongs to the Jews already living there. (more…)


American Solutions for Winning the Future

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It’s time for substantive dialogue and positive solutions—this is one of the finest presentations you may have seen or heard.

P. Eidelberg



August 11, 2007


Dear Paul,

I want to share with you some thoughts about my speech at the National Press Club this week.

I used the speech to talk about how our current political system is broken. Stymied by negative attack ads, blind partisanship and 30-second sound-bites, our presidential debates do not allow for serious dialogue. (more…)


To Save Israel

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An Open Letter to Uzi Landau, Former Cabinet Minister;
Yoram Ettinger, Ambassador (ret.);
William Mehlman, Publisher;
Herzl Makov, Former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Shamir;
and other signatories of the timely ads appearing in The Jerusalem Post under the heading “To All Am Israel.”

Dear Friends:

For quite some time I have urged the formation of a team of individuals representing diverse professions and sectors of Israeli society to seek and select a person possessing the courage, wisdom, and affability required to be Israel’s prime minister. (more…)


Joseph Lieberman for Prime Minister

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An Open Letter to the Honorable Senator Joseph Lieberman
United States Senate
Washington, D.C.

Dear Senator Lieberman:

As an American-born citizen, as well as a citizen of Israel, who has written several books on American and Israeli statesmanship, I hereby, on my own volition, and without being prompted by any person or party, invite you to make aliya with a view to becoming Israel’s next Prime Minister.

Mr. Senator, this is no frivolous invitation. (more…)