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Heart Attack Slide Show

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Worth 45 Seconds of Your Time—
How to Survive a Heart Attack When Alone

This has been around before but it’s worth seeing again….. (more…)


Obsession: What The War on Terror Is Really About

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by Volvi G

Must watch video by everyone in the West to know and understand that WW3 is truly upon us all. Western Media would rather keep you blinded in ignorance. So learn the truth for yourself and don’t say “I never knew, I never realised”. Learn the truth for yourself. Realise too that the current onslaught on Israel has nothing to do with ‘Land’ or any ‘Occupation’. It is all part of global Jihad and it behoves you to know the truth. (more…)


Israel’s Moment of Truth

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[Edited transcript of The Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, July 17, 2006.]

I hate to use the banality, but Israel is facing its moment of truth. Threatened by sanctions and internal strife, Israel will be pressured to accept a cease fire.

Since Israel doesn’t have the economic power for a protracted war, the only way to avoid sanctions is to launch a massive ground invasion of Lebanon, which should have been done two or three days ago. No war can be won merely by bombing from the air. You cannot find and destroy most of the enemy’s rocket launchers without a ground invasion. The air force should be used primarily to support ground attacks, which alone can destroy a significant number of the enemy and his rocket launchers.

To destroy the enemy’s ground forces means to kill as many Hezbollah terrorists as possible. (more…)


A Post-Election, Passover Message

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On behalf of the Yamin Israel Party, we want to thank all of you who voted or rooted for the Jewish National Front—Hazit in the March elections. Yamin Israel is proud of its alliance with Hazit.

Despite Hazit’s very limited financial resources and its being deliberately blacked out by the media, and despite the subversive propaganda against voting for this small party, Hazit received 25,935 votes, the equivalent of one mandate—no mean accomplishment. (more…)


In Defense of Baruch Marzel

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Spokesmen and supporters of National Union and the National Religious Party are denouncing Baruch Marzel (and his Jewish National Alliance—Hazit) for having deprived NU-NRP of one mandate.

Before addressing this issue, let me first congratulate the 25,935 people who voted Hazit. You did not succumb to the paltry propaganda about not “wasting your vote on a small party.” Hence you are the most highly principled and intelligent citizens of Israel, and I salute you! (more…)


Joe Settler Endorses Marzel’s Hazit

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Elections 2006: Joe Settler Endorses…

If you had asked me last year which party I would endorse for the next elections, by default I would have said the National Union.

I respect Benny Elon and Aryeh Eldad both as individuals and as upright, unwavering legislatures. Once Efi Eitam joined their party I felt they presented an appealing team that well represented many of the national and partisan issues important to me. (more…)

Don’t Waste Your Vote!

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By Avi Hyman and Yosef Fuerst

With only a day to go have you decided where your vote is going? Are you at peace with your decision? Or are you like too many people allowing the pollsters and naysayers to decide where your ballot goes?

This past summer countless Jewish tears were shed as we all suffered through the expulsion and destruction of Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron communities. We all stood by helpless as thousands of soldiers bearing the Jewish flag on their uniforms dragged our people away from our territory with despicable ease. Ariel Sharon proved that after 2000 years of exile it still isn’t that difficult to uproot Jews and send them packing.

Ask yourself, throughout this travesty where were the people we on the right elected to prevent such an occurrence? (more…)

The Battered Woman Syndrome

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by Baruch Marzel
Mar 27, ‘06 / 27 Adar 5766

Those same political hacks who failed in the struggle and took part in the government’s plans for the expulsion from Gush Katif are asking us to hold our noses and vote for them.

The provocative campaign of the National Union-National Religious Party against my candidacy for the Knesset is, above all, reminiscent of the battered woman. A man beats, abuses and dishonors his wife, who, in great anger, throws him out of the house; yet, he is sure that he will return. (more…)

Who Are You, Baruch Marzel?

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View the new film about the head of the Jewish National Front—Hazit, whose symbol is כ’.

Before you go to the polls, you must see this—

This Time, Don’t Compromise” [In Hebrew]



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We are hearing from sources around the country that the Jewish National Alliance—Hazit—is winning more and more “fence-sitters” and will break the electoral threshold!

That’s right. People are sick of the system and those who profit from it—the existing parties. (more…)

Who can Chabad support in the Elections for Knesset?

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Orange Chabad Rabbis Support Hazit
By Aliza Karp

It has recently been publicized that the Chabad Rabbinical Court in Eretz Yisorel has made a statement for its own communities, and for the general public, to vote for parties which have the best chance of actually getting elected, as opposed to voting for small, upstart parties that have a higher risk of not getting the minimum number of votes. The admitted implication of this position is that they are urging people not to vote for Hazit, the party of Baruch Marzel.

I looked at the names of the Rabbis on the Chabad Court who came out ostensibly against Hazit. (more…)

What You Should Know To Vote Wisely

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A. Introduction

1. I’ve been in Israel almost 30 years, and I have never seen so much public confusion before an election. To penetrate this confusion, you have to go back to the January 2003 election.

2. A few days after the election, Avigdor Lieberman, who then headed National Union, convened a meeting of various representatives of the “nationalist camp.” I was present representing the Yamin Israel Party. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss whether National Union should join the Sharon government. I (and others) urged Lieberman NOT to join the government: we said it would be a betrayal of the nationalist camp.

3. Why? (more…)

Polls, Self-fulfilling Prophecies, and You

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1. 950,000 citizens of Israel did not vote in the January 2003 election. That number will probably be exceeded in next week’s March 28 election. This fact—plus the unprecedented public confusion or indecision about which party to vote for—places in question any opinion poll.

2. Bearing this in mind, if some guy by the name of ‘Nurp’ tells you, “Don’t waste your vote on a small party,” that guy has succumbed to the arrogance of ignorance as well as to a self-fulfilling prophecy—assuming he is not trying to deceive you.

3. What makes Nurp so sure that you will waste your vote on a small party? (more…)

Another Warning to All Voters

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Don’t be misled. Michael Kleiner’s Herut party is plagiarizing parts of the program of the Jewish National Alliance—Hazit.

Judging from Herut’s campaign in the 2003 election, Herut is not seriously committed to parliamentary electoral reform, as it now pretends. In fact, Herut’s chairman admitted, after the election, that he was really opposed to raising the 1.5% electoral threshold!

David Ben-Gurion deplored this attitude. (more…)


An Urgent Message to All Voters

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Please do not mistake Michael Kleiner’s copycat party “Herut” with your one and only steadfast nationalist party, Baruch Marzel’s Jewish National AllianceHazit.

Hazit adopted the comprehensive institutional reform program of the Yamin Israel party, of which I am the president. (more…)


Lacking in the Campaign: Candor and Courage

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Examine the campaign rhetoric, the platforms of the various parties: what’s missing? A candid and courageous enunciation of the principles Israel stands for as Jewish nation, and a forthright statement of the policies Israel must pursue to preserve its Jewish identity.

Fortunately, there is one party hearty and honest enough to proclaim these principles and policies: the Jewish National Alliance—Hazit. Hazit’s platform was formulated primarily by Prof. Israel Hanukoglu (former science adviser to the government of Benjamin Netanyahu), Hazit chairman Baruch Marzel (a man of down-to-earth knowledge of Israel and its basic problems), and the present writer (political scientist and author of several books on Statesmanship and Judaism). No other party has this breadth and depth of knowledge.

Hazit is dedicated to three all-comprehensive and interdependent principles: (more…)


Caution: Rumors Abroad

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A rumor is being circulated via the electronic media, “Why David Rutstein destroyed Baruch Marzel’s chance of getting elected.”

This rumor is malicious nonsense. (more…)

Notice to all voters

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Election 2003

Valid votes…………………………3,148,364 (69% of roughly 4,526,000 registered voters)

Qualifying threshold (1.5%)………47,226

1. Votes wasted on the pseudo-nationalist parties responsible for the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria: (more…)


An Urgent Message to Supporters of NU/NRP

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A few days after the January 28, 2003 election, then National Union chairman, Avigdor Lieberman (head of its Israel Beiteinu faction), convened a meeting of various representatives of the “nationalist camp.” I was present representing the Yamin Israel Party. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss whether National Union should join the Sharon government. I (and others) urged Lieberman not to join that government.

My reason was simply this: Sharon was committed to a Palestinian state. Indeed, during the election campaign, Sharon warned that he would not appoint anyone to his cabinet who opposed a Palestinian state—an unprecedented display of arrogance! (more…)

The Dirty Tricks of NU/NRP

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The so-called National Union and the (anything but) National Religious Party, which propped up the Sharon government and thereby doomed Gush Katif, are desperate.

Realizing that most of their potential voters prefer a truly nationalist party, the pious leaders of NU/NRP are displaying mendacious placards saying that Baruch Marzel’s Jewish National Alliance—Hazit—is pulling out of the race.
To scotch this lie, Hazit is suing NU/NRP for one million shekels for damages.

I urge would-be NU/NRP voters to reconsider. (more…)

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