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Which Party Are You Going To Vote For?

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● Do you know of any party—secular or religious—that categorically rejects the surrender of any part of the Land of Israel to non-Jews?

● Do you know of any party—secular or religious—that categorically rejects the idea that Jews can lawfully divest themselves of Jewish land by means of a national referendum? (more…)


Warning to All Voters!

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Vicious rumors are being circulated that the Jewish National Alliance (Hazit) will pull out of the race if polls indicate it will not break the threshold.

These rumors—disseminated by parties competing for the votes of the nationalist camp—are utterly false. (more…)

Dear NU/NRP Voters

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Dear NU/NRP Voters:

As you well know, we are approaching a momentous election, the outcome of which may affect Israel’s territorial integrity and survival as a Jewish state.

You all know that National Union (NU) and the National Religious Party (NRP) signed the Sharon government’s March 2003 guidelines, which committed the signatories to the Oslo Agreement and all agreements related thereto. By so doing, NU and NRP doomed Gush Katif. (more…)


Dear Discontented Voters

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[Regardless of your party preference, it’s of crucial importance to encourage Jews to vote in the March 28 election. The reason appears underlined below].

Dear Discontented Voters:

I know: you’re fed up with the system and have decided to boycott the March 28 election. After all, the system compels you to vote for a party list not for an individual candidate that will represent you—your views and interests.

Besides, in the 2003 election, 1,232,000 people—almost 40%—voted for three parties that betrayed them! (more…)

Quality, Character, Excellence

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If I were to say that Nadia Matar, co-chair of Women in Green, can pack more political wallop than dozens of gentle-men such as the Elons or the Orlevs or the Eitams or the Bibis—this would be an insult to that heroic woman!

Or if I were to say that Eleonora Shifrin, chairwoman of the Yamin Israel Party, can contribute more to Israel’s well-being than those gentle-men, I would have to apologize to this gallant lady for mentioning her name in the same sentence with these politicians. (more…)


Principled Pragmatism

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1. Those who support the principles of The Jewish National AllianceHazit—but fall for the hoax about “wasting votes on a small party,” actually squander their votes as well as their principles!

2. Consider solid facts: The 925,279 people who voted Likud in the 2003 elections really wasted their votes on this large party, (more…)

Profile of a Flawed Politician

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[Based on the Eidelberg Report; Israel National Radio; March 6, 2006].

Interviewed by Arutz-7 on March 6, 2003, Dr. Yuval Shteinitz, chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee—and a protégé of Benjamin Netanyahu—stated that we must “destroy the terrorist infrastructures, which include their educational system that inculcates entire generations with hatred and the desire to murder and destroy Israel …”.

Strange that Mr. Netanyahu has yet to make such a statement in his current campaign for Israel’s premiership—despite the ascendancy of Hamas. Why this reticence? After all, he boasts that terrorist attacks diminished during his tenure as Israel prime minister. In fact, he boasts of his stewardship of Israel as if he were the exemplar of statesmanship. Let us therefore check the record, going back to June 1996, when he was officially installed as prime minister. (more…)


The Futility of Democratic Elections in Israel

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The people of Israel have been disenfranchised. Here is the proof.

Toward the end of 1997, the Netanyahu Government voted unanimously (with two abstentions from the National Religious Party) that there would be no further Israeli retreat from Judea and Samaria until the Palestinian Authority (PA) fully complied with the terms of the Oslo Agreement. Moreover, a five month period was to elapse before any redeployment would be undertaken to test whether the PA was fulfilling its obligations.

On March 10, 1998, however, the Government adopted a four-staged plan in which “The second step will be the fulfillment by the Palestinians of their obligations (more…)


Why Vote for Hazit—The Jewish National Alliance

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  • We alone propose abrogation of the Oslo covenant of death.
  • We alone oppose territorial compromise with Hitlerian Arabs.
  • (more…)

The Fifth and Lowest Form of Democracy

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Proportional representation (PR) is widely regarded as the most democratic system of government. If the electoral threshold is low, PR allows almost any distinct group of voters to win seats in a country’s law-making assembly.

Welcome to Israel. The entire country constitutes a single district and parties win Knesset seats in proportion to votes they receive in a national election. David Ben-Gurion opposed PR. Let’s juxtapose his reasoning (in Israel: A Personal History) and the life-and-death issue of “disengagement.” (more…)


A Message to Thoughtful People

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A Message From The Jewish National Alliance—Hazit

Would a thoughtful person vote for a party that signed the March 2003 Likud Coalition Agreement committing the signatories to Oslo? That agreement led to the Evacuation Law which dispossessed and deported 10,000 Jews living in Gaza and Northern Samaria.

Do you know that two reputedly nationalist parties signed that agreement: National Union and the National Religious Party? (more…)


It’s the System, Stupid!

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It’s the system, stupid!

  • It gave us the crime of Oslo I.
  • It gave us the crime of Oslo II.
  • It keeps giving us Shimon Peres.
  • (more…)

Freedom of the Press

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To the editors of The Jerusalem Post:

The Jerusalem Post, as well as the so-called National Camp newspapers, Hotsofeh and Makor Rishon, are excluding any news on the Hazit Yehudit Leumit party headed by Baruch Marzel.

In the past two weeks, Makor Rishon has published the profiles of Kadima members but none of Hazit. (more…)


How to Stop Palestinian Terrorist Attacks on Israel

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Hazit maintains, as would any candid military expert, that the most effective way of stopping Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israel is to destroy the entire terrorist network west of the Jordan River. But since Israel’s ruling elites—such as Ehud Olmert (Kadima), Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud), and Amir Peretz (Labor)—are not exemplars of wisdom and courage, Hazit offers another approach, perhaps equally unrealistic, but instructive. For this purpose we merely update various proposals which the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) made to the Bush administration: (more…)


The Jewish National Alliance (Hazit)—Principles & Positions

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1) Israel’s essence as a Jewish State must be the State’s paramount principle to which all other principles are subordinate.

2) Therefore, an oath of loyalty to Israel as a Jewish State is a precondition of participating in elections to, or holding any appointment in, any office of this State. (more…)


Ben-Gurion Saw the Problem; National Union Chairman Benny Elon Does Not

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Unlike David Ben-Gurion, Benny Elon approves of Israel’s parliamentary electoral system. Let me offer a thumb-nail sketch of this system before citing Ben-Gurion.

Unlike 74 out of 75 democratic countries, Israel constitutes a single nationwide electoral district. Parties must therefore compete for Knesset seats on the basis of Proportional Representation. Since no party has ever won a majority of Knesset seats, the cabinet invariably consists of a multiplicity of rival party leaders, each with his own agenda.

Moreover, since Knesset Members are not individually elected by and accountable to the voters in regional or constituency elections, they can ignore public opinion with impunity. (more…)


A Brief Survey of Absurdities

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The National Jewish Alliance (Hazit) has been accused of dividing the nationalist camp! Could anything be more absurd?

How can Hazit divide the nationalist camp when it’s the only party that represents the nationalist camp! Ponder these incontrovertible facts—really existential absurdities. (more…)


The Hazit Loyalty Oath

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A. The Jewish National Alliance (Hazit), has adopted a loyalty oath formulated by its partner, the Yamin Israel Party. The present writer drafted this loyalty oath several years ago. I have updated some of its provisions in view of the ascendancy of Hamas and its claim to represent the Arab citizens of Israel.

B. The necessity of a loyalty oath for all citizens of the State of Israel is justified by the following facts:

  1. Studies indicate that most Arab citizens of Israel identify themselves as “Palestinians.”
  2. (more…)


What Happened to Israel’s National Camp?

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People in the National Camp wanted the so-called right-wing parties to form a joint list for the upcoming March elections. Forget about the Likud. Netanyahu is not opposed to further disengagements so long as there is “reciprocity,” a word foreign to Arab mentality.

But what about Ichud Leumi (National Union) and Mafdal (the National Religious Party)? Well, they formed a joint list, but what a list! Zevulun Orlev, the dovish chairman of Mafdal—a carbon copy of Meimad—outmaneuvered Benny Elon, head of Ichud Leumi!

All polls predicted 8 to 9 seats for National Union, and barely 2 or 3 for Mafdal. Mafdal looked like it wouldn’t reach electoral threshold. (more…)


The Merger of Yamin Israel and the Jewish National Front

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Press Release

The Merger of Yamin Israel and the Jewish National Front

The Yamin Israel Party, under the present leadership of Prof. Paul Eidelberg, Eleonora Shifrin and Prof. Israel Hanukoglu, is happy to announce its merger with the Jewish National Alliance (Hazit) under the chairmanship of Baruch Merzel. (more…)

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