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10 Short Position Papers - IV

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IV - How To Gain Support From Religious Parties
Professor Paul Eidelberg July 5, 1999.

The religious parties are inclined to oppose a constitution. They fear it will legitimize and further enlarge the power of the Supreme Court, which not only has a Meretz-Shinui agenda, but has usurped powers rightly belonging to the legislative and executive branches of government. (This is why the religious parties—and not only the religious parties—would oppose the Reichman constitution, which would lead to “government by the judiciary.”)

Although our Foundation, which advocates a constitution, includes rabbis—indeed, no less than the renowned Rav Aaron Soloveitchik has consented to serve as our Halachic adviser—still, many religious people object to a constitution saying, “We have a constitution, the Torah.” There are ways of overcoming such opposition. (more…)

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