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A Purim Proposal Updated

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Countless Jews complain about the ineptitude of Israeli governments, whether headed by the Likud, its rubbish, Kadima, or by the Labor Party. Hence the present writer, having made an exhaustive study of Israel and its Jewish politicians, and having examined the agendas of America’s leading Zionist organizations, hereby confidently offers the only possible solution to Israel’s decrepit and perilous state of affairs. I propose that the people of Israel hire Gentiles to run their Government!

Preposterous you say? But what can be more preposterous than the Jews who have been in charge of Israel’s Government, especially during the last thirty years? (more…)


Why Israel is Losing the War for Its Survival

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A Message from Yamin Israel

In fighting against Arab terrorists, the reluctance of Israel’s political elites to cause civilian casualties is usually attributed to their humanitarianism and/or to their fear of adverse world opinion. More significant is this: the leaders of a nation don’t have scruples when they are fighting for a cause they believe in.

A Tissue of Lies

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A Postscript to Two Recent Articles

In his February 15, 2007 paper, “The Illusion of ‘Peace in Exchange for Territories,’” Dr. Mordechai Kedar of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies concludes: “The Arab demand for a return of all Palestinian refugees to pre-1967 Israel remains the core of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and this demand disguises Arab intentions to destroy Israel.”

Dr. Kedar’s conclusion substantiates two articles of mine: “The Futility of Negotiating with Muslims” and “Organized Lying,” both written earlier this month. Let me clarify what is at stake here. (more…)


Organized Lying

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We expect politicians to lie—some more than others. We expect politicians to lie especially in wartime. That’s when lying becomes organized. It seems to me, however, that organized lying in Israel exists on a scale never before known.

I know of no Jewish member of the Knesset that does not lie habitually about peace or the possibility of peaceful coexistence between Jews and Muslims. Never mind the blatant fact that Muslims cannot even live in peace with each other. The “politics of peace,” which means lying about peace, is the alpha and omega of Israeli foreign policy. (more…)


An Unreliable Alliance

Speaking before a gathering of the National Religious Party (NRP) activists, Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu lent some credence to rumors of a potential alliance of the Likud and the NRP-National Union (NU) Knesset factions.

Mr. Netanyahu is quoted as saying: “We firmly believe in the triangle [connecting] the Land of Israel, the People of Israel and the Torah of Israel… That is a clear point of agreement; that must be the platform of the next government, so that it will form the basis for the value system of every boy and girl in Israel, which will withstand great storms.” (Emphasis added) (more…)


The ID People

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Who and what are the ID People? No, they’re not libidinous disciples of Sigmund Freud. Truth to tell, some are prime ministers. Some are foreign ministers. Others are party leaders. More than a few are academics and journalists. They are legion. And whatever their differences or diverse nationalities, they all have one thing in common: they are Intellectually Dishonest.

What does their dishonesty consist in? Simply this: They know you can’t make peace with people committed to your destruction. They know you can’t make peace with people who do not recognize the sanctity of human life. They know you can’t make peace with people conditioned by a culture of hatred—a hatred so deep as to induce these people to use their own children as human bombs. (more…)


Our Benighted Politicians

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Some 80 years ago, George Orwell wrote: “The illiteracy of politicians is a special feature of our age—as G.M. Trevelyan put it, ‘In the seventeenth century Members of Parliament quoted the Bible, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the classics, in the twentieth century nothing’—and its corollary [Orwell added] is the political impotence of writers.”

This is a rather sad commentary on higher education in the democratic world. Neither the Bible nor the classics play a significant role in what passes for “liberal education.” More “relevant” are “ethnic” studies, “feminist” studies, “gay” studies, and the like. (more…)


Ruthlessness and Cowardice

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Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, January 15, 2006.

Part I

One of the most paradoxical and most important statements in Lee Harris’ book Civilization and Its Enemies, is this: “Only those who have mastered ruthlessness can defend their society from the ruthlessness of others.” But how can Western civilization be ruthless without discarding the humane values on which this civilization is based? Does this mean that the values we associate with liberal democracy are obsolete, and if so, what will take their place?

One of these values is tolerance. Tolerance, however, can degenerate into moral indifference or neutrality. (more…)


Olmert’s Cease-Fire Policy

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s cease-fire policy is precisely that: Israelis cease while Arabs fire. How are we to understand this absurdity?

I contend that Olmert, in addition to being an idiot, is complicit in murder. His cease-fire policy—it’s also called “self-restraint”—allows Arab terrorists to fire missiles at Jewish communities and kill Jews with impunity. But this touches only the surface of things. (more…)


Israel’s Virtual Idiots

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Israelis have found that the Hebrew word for “fools,” tipshim, does not quite describe Israel’s political leaders. Hence they have Hebraicized and pluralized the word idiot and now call these politicians “idiotim.” Of course they mean virtual idiots.

This is pretty much the assessment of Jerusalem Post analyst Caroline Glick in her column of December 12. She recalls the unremitting collaboration of UNIFIL with Hezbollah in Lebanon, as well as the refusal of in-place European forces “to lift a finger to prevent or even protest the massive, illicit inundation of Gaza with Iranian weaponry transiting through Egypt.” (more…)


Gerald Ford in Israel

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Remember Gerald Ford? It seems he’ll go down in history as the president who couldn’t chew gum and walk a straight line as the same time.

But this pretty much describes many of Israel’s most intelligent and patriotic citizens, especially those who justifiably want to depose Ehud Olmert and prevent any expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria.

One does not have to be a genius to see that Olmert is the most inept prime minister in Israel’s history, and that his persistence in “unilateral disengagement” may lead to Israel’s demise. Still, the present writer asks: (more…)


Is The PM Suffering From A Mental Disorder?

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[Transcript of the “Eidelberg Report,” Israel National Radio, December 4, 2006.]

In my book Demophrenia, published in 1994, I mention various symptoms of schizophrenia, such as delusions of grandeur, escapism, illogical thoughts, stereotypic behaviors, flattened emotional reactions, and impaired volition. These symptoms obviously exist on a continuum with normal behavior. A World Health Organization study concludes that “schizophrenics, for all their vulnerabilities, are in the full sense responsive social beings like the rest of us.” Still, these “vulnerabilities” result in bizarre behavior, as may be seen in innumerable democratic politicians, including certain Israeli prime ministers.

In saying this, my purpose is not to denigrate them, for their mentality has been conditioned by the democratic mentality of the present era. Instead, I want to warn Israel that the most important political behaviors and policies of their political elites are irrational and destructive. (more…)


Shimon Peres and the Betrayal of Israel

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[Transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, October 30, 2006.]

Seven years ago, Prof. Wolf Perlman and I co-authored an article on Shimon Peres which we sent to the members of the Knesset before they voted a second time—the first vote ended in a draw—on who was to be Israel’s President: Peres or Moshe Katzav. If memory serves, Peres lost by one vote. We can’t be certain, but that article of ours may have been the decisive factor.

The article started with a quote from former Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett’s memoirs, Personal Diary, published in 1957. Sharrett said this of Peres: (more…)


Caution: Another Unprincipled Politician at the Helm

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Avigdor Lieberman, chairman of the Israel Beiteinu Party, has signed an agreement to join Ehud Olmert at the helm. If the deal is approved by the Knesset, Lieberman will become Vice Premier and Minister for Strategic Affairs in the Prime Minister’s Office, responsible for strategic planning, working with National Security Council officials.

This power-sharing agreement required Lieberman to jettison his stated conditions for joining the government: (more…)


Israel’s Degenerate Prime Minister

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On June 9, 2005, Ehud Olmert revealed what he is made of in a speech to the Israel Policy Forum in New York.

Israel’s government, of which he was the Vice Premier, was then in the process of preparing some 50,000 soldiers and police to implement Sharon’s plan to withdraw from Gaza and expel its 8,000 Jewish residents. Olmert told his New York audience that the withdrawal represents “a remarkable process … that will have an enormous impact on everything that will happen thereafter, in the State of Israel and in the Middle East.” (Did you hear this Messrs. Abbas and Nasrallah?) (more…)


An Open Letter to Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya’alon

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An Open Letter to Former Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya’alon

“The Failure of the Right”

For more than three decades, Europe has been dominated by the Left, by its post-Christian politicians, professors, and journalists. Today Europe is dying—Arabized. But as Oriana Fallaci has boldly pointed out, the Right is no less to blame for Europe’s cultural demise.

By the “Right” she means “nationalists” who, whether in France or in Holland, could have galvanized the people of their respective countries against the Left’s multiculturalism and permissive Arab immigration laws which have stripped each nation of its cultural heritage. (more…)


Why The Right Has Failed

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[Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, June 26, 2004.]

For more than three decades, Europe has been dominated by the Left, by its post-Christian politicians, professors, and journalists. Today Europe is dying—Arabized. But as Oriana Fallaci has boldly pointed out, the Right is no less to blame for Europe’s cultural demise.

By the “Right” she means “nationalists” who, whether in France or in Holland, could have galvanized the people of their respective countries against the Left’s multiculturalism and permissive Arab immigration laws which have stripped each nation of its cultural heritage. The Right failed to counter the Left’s rhetoric that the nation-state is obsolete, that nationalism conduces to war, and that democratic universalism must be the basis of the New World Order. (more…)



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Israel faces the prospect of being ruled by a government led by Ehud Olmert, chairman of Kadima, a party that renounces all ideologies, hence a party with no past, no moral values, hence no Jewish values—hence a party that has renounced Judaism. Such a party, by definition, can only consist of unmitigated Egotists. Such a party can only consist of traitors—traitors of the Jewish people and of the Jewish State of Israel.

Is it not remarkable that a prominent rabbi and a university president joined this mindless and soulless party? (more…)


Quality, Character, Excellence

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If I were to say that Nadia Matar, co-chair of Women in Green, can pack more political wallop than dozens of gentle-men such as the Elons or the Orlevs or the Eitams or the Bibis—this would be an insult to that heroic woman!

Or if I were to say that Eleonora Shifrin, chairwoman of the Yamin Israel Party, can contribute more to Israel’s well-being than those gentle-men, I would have to apologize to this gallant lady for mentioning her name in the same sentence with these politicians. (more…)


Profile of a Flawed Politician

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[Based on the Eidelberg Report; Israel National Radio; March 6, 2006].

Interviewed by Arutz-7 on March 6, 2003, Dr. Yuval Shteinitz, chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee—and a protégé of Benjamin Netanyahu—stated that we must “destroy the terrorist infrastructures, which include their educational system that inculcates entire generations with hatred and the desire to murder and destroy Israel …”.

Strange that Mr. Netanyahu has yet to make such a statement in his current campaign for Israel’s premiership—despite the ascendancy of Hamas. Why this reticence? After all, he boasts that terrorist attacks diminished during his tenure as Israel prime minister. In fact, he boasts of his stewardship of Israel as if he were the exemplar of statesmanship. Let us therefore check the record, going back to June 1996, when he was officially installed as prime minister. (more…)

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