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On Rabbis and Self-Restraint

When Jews are murdered by Arab terrorists, as more than 500 have since the
1993 Oslo betrayal of Judaism, it is improper for rabbis, whether elected or
not, to repeatedly call upon Jews to exercise self-restraint after a
terrorist attack. Such rabbis unwittingly incite Arabs to murder more Jews.

When Arabs violate the Seven Noahide Laws by murdering Jews, such murders
constitute a Hillul HaShem – a desecration of God’s Name.

It is only natural for Jews to call for vengeance, and the failure of the
Government to revenge Jewish bloodshed cannot be dehumanize many Jews in the
process of encouraging further Arab terrorism.

On the other hand, when the Government, on rare occasions, does exact
vengeance by killing a prominent Arab terrorist, such as Massoud Iyyad on
February 13, the Government triggers the murder of many more Jews, as
happened the day following Iyyad’s killing.

The only way to minimize Jewish bloodshed is for the Government to order the
IDF to destroy Arafat’s army, and in the shortest possible time. If the
Government had any backbone, let alone any faith in God, it would be guided
by these words of King David:: “I have pursued mine enemies and overtaken
them. Neither did I turn back till they were consumed. I have smitten them
through. So that they are not able to rise .” (Psalm 16:38-39).

Returning to our rabbis, instead of calling upon Jews to exercise
self-restraint, they should collectively demonstrate by the hundreds and
thousands against the Government for exercising self-restraint!

Notwithstanding the good our rabbis otherwise perform, they – with notable
exceptions — are very much responsible for Israel’s plight.

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