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Anyone For God?

Countless Jews and even gentiles are appalled and dumbfounded by Israel’s government. They cannot understand how any Israeli government, backed by an undefeated army, could surrender Judea and Samaria, the heartland of the Jewish people, to Yasser Arafat, a murderous villain.

The Prophets and Sages of Israel predicted that, in the end of days, the Jews would have such a government. They foresaw that Israel would be ruled by “scorners” of the Torah. These scorners, said the Prophet Hosea (12:1-3), will fill Israel with lies and deception. They will strive after wind (”peace”) and make alliances with Israel’s enemies.

The Prophet Isaiah (28:14-18) chastises these insolent and conceited Jews. He foretells that they will make a “covenant with death,” but that this pact will not protect them, indeed, that they will be swept away like refuse. Remarkably, the Targum translates this pact with hell as a contract with “terrorists” (mechablim)!

Similarly, the Zohar (Exodus 7b) predicts that in the end of days certain Jews in Israel will make an alliance with the enemies of the Jewish people. The collaboration of Israel’s left-wing politicians with the Arab parties—proxies of the PLO—obviously fits these dire predictions.

Turn, now, to the Talmud, tractate Sanhedrin 98a. There we learn that in the end of days Israel will have the “cheapest” government. Only the cheapest politicians would shake hands with Yasir Arafat. That this arch-terrorist is acclaimed and dignified in every democratic capital is unsurprising, for the first casualty of democracy is honor. That Israeli prime ministers should dignify a creature that presided over the murder of Jewish men, women, and children would make any man of taste want to vomit. This leads me to examine the portentous conclusions of Mishna Sotah (49b).

There we read: “With the footsteps of the Moshiach arrogance shall increase and honor dwindle. The government shall turn to heresy [secularism] and there shall be none to utter reproof. The council-chamber [the Knesset and the Supreme Court] shall be given to immorality [prostitution and homosexuality will be legalized]. Galilee will be barren, the Golan shall be desolate, and the dwellers on the frontier [in Judah, Samaria, and Gaza] shall go from place to place with none to take pity on them [suggesting that their demonstrations against the policy of ‘territory for peace’ will be futile].”

The Mishna continues: “The wisdom of their writers [journalists and academics] will become insipid and degenerate [will become morally neutral and even anti-Jewish]; they that shun sin shall be despised. The truth shall nowhere be found [thanks to the university-bred doctrine of relativism]. Youth shall shame their elders, and the elders shall stand up in the presence of youth [a commonplace in democracies] … The face of this generation is as the face of a dog [impervious to shame]… So upon whom can we rely? Upon our Father in heaven.”

Is it not obvious that the Jews in Israel cannot rely on the opposition parties to save them from disaster? Is it not obvious that Jews cannot rely on the Israel Defense Forces which no longer frighten Arab women and children?

Is it not obvious that Jews cannot rely on rabbis nor on political and strategic analysts to stop the suicidal course of Israel’s government? Is it not obvious that Jews cannot rely on the United States or on information campaigns (hasbara) to save them from the successors of the Nazis?

Should it not be obvious that it is precisely because Jews have relied on such vanities that they have been given vacuous politicians who would sacrifice Eretz Yisrael for mere wind?

Finally, consider Rashi’s commentary to Genesis 1:1. “If the nations of the world should [question the validity of Israel’s title to Eretz Yisrael] and say: “You are robbers in that you have seized by force the territories of the seven nations,” Israel can retort: “The entire world belongs to the Holy One, Blessed be He. He created it and gave it to whomsoever it was right in His eyes. It was His will to give it to them and it was His will to take it from them and give it to us.”

To whom are these words of centuries ago addressed? Obviously to Jews in Israel today. But no Israeli government has ever uttered these words. Nor has any religious party in any Israeli government ever made such words its clarion call!

You will say: “But the nations will mock these words and laugh at us.” I reply: Have countless appeals to “security” won the supportive concern of the nations? Have ingratiating words about “Israeli democracy” earned the respect of the democratic world? Has willingness to yield “territory for peace” appeased the voracious appetites of Janus-faced Arab despots?

Is not Israel despised by the nations no matter how yielding it has been in the “peace process”? I dare say that it is precisely because Jews have not based their claim to Eretz Yisrael exclusively on Rashi’s commentary to Genesis 1:1 that Israel is so often disdained and condemned by the nations!

I am not saying that by citing Rashi you will convince any nation that the Jews have a G-d given title to Eretz Yisrael. The task of the Jews is not to convince the nations of anything! That happens to be the compulsion or futility of assimilated Jews. Too many Jews—religious included—want to win the approval of the nations rather than the approval of G-d.

Legions of religious Jews rely more on politicians and political rhetoric than on the Torah and on the G-d of Israel. This is why the above Mishna indicates that in the end of days, when we have exhausted the heresies of our time and are utterly helpless that we shall turn to our Father in heaven.

This is not a counsel of despair. It is a plea for rational analysis. Stop relying like addicts on failed ideas and flawed politicians. Start proclaiming that G-d alone has given us title to Eretz Yisrael—and never mind the scorners! Just do it and leave the consequences to G-d, Who alone is the Master of war and peace!

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